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1. How do I post an internship opportunity?

All internship opportunities for the UB School of Management are posted in our BizLink recruiting system, shared by the Office of Internships and Experiential Learning and the Career Resource Center. Recruiting for internships begins during the semester before the intended start date. Students apply as per your instructions.

New Employers
Register with our program through BizLink as your first step. After your request is approved, an email notification will be sent to you containing login information.

Current Employers
Simply log in to BizLink and click on "Jobs/Internships," then "Add New." Complete the form and click "submit." Post internship positions within specified dates.

Internship Recruiting Dates

Fall Spring Summer

Recruiting window:
July 1–Sept. 1

Interns start late

August – early September

Recruiting window:
Oct. 1 –Dec. 1

Interns start mid-January


Recruiting window:
Feb. 1–June 1

Interns start late

May – early June


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2. Do we pay interns? What is the average pay?

Rates for undergraduate students range from $10 to $15 per hour, and for graduate students, $15 to $25 per hour.

If your internship is paid: Add the intern to your payroll as a temporary employee; academic credit is then optional for the student. Our students are allowed to earn academic credit while earning money. 

If your internship is unpaid: Offer the internship for academic credit. You may consider providing alternative incentives to attract the most talented students. Please note: any student participating in an unpaid internship must be registered for academic credit to avoid potential violations of Department of Labor standards.

Incentives alternative to pay may include the following:

  • Full or partial tuition reimbursement (summer internships)
  • Transportation and/or parking reimbursement
  • Meal allowance or provisions
  • Housing assistance if relocation is necessary
  • Paid membership to a relevant professional organization
  • Paid training and testing fees resulting in certification
  • Selection for highly visible projects
  • Publishing/presentation opportunities
  • Opportunities for name recognition (internal awards, patent teams)
  • Internal networking opportunities (key individuals within organization)
  • External networking opportunities (conferences, chapter meetings, receptions)

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3. What are my responsibilities as an intern supervisor?

The UB School of Management expects the supervisor to provide high-quality project work, to be actively engaged in the intern's learning process, to provide an environment in which the student intern can work comfortably, and to introduce the student intern to the larger organizational structure. 

  • Management By Objectives Contract [PDF]: An integral part of the validation process for our internships, this contract represents an agreement regarding responsibilities of the supervisor, school and student. After the student has accepted your internship offer, please read and sign the contract, then return it to our office. Once the contract is received, we complete the academic registration for your intern.
  • Offer letter (international students only): If you select an international student as your intern, you are required to submit an offer letter in addition to the contract to assist our request for work authorization.
  • Evaluations: At the end of the internship experience, all supervisors are expected to log into BizLink and complete an evaluation of their intern's performance.

In addition to the list below, we ask that you stay in contact with us during your supervisoryexperience, especially if you are experiencing challenges with your intern. For a list of qualities expected, see Supervisor's Role.

A qualified supervisor offers the following:

  • Several years of experience and in-depth knowledge corresponding with the internship project area 
  • Sensitivity to the educational component of the internship experience 
  • An understanding of how an intern's project fits into the organization
  • Consistent availability to the student for guidance and encouragement
  • Awareness of the importance of professional behavior

4. What are the legal issues involved with internships?

For answers to common legal questions, including information on Department of Labor standards, visit the Legal Issues section of our website.

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5. What kinds of projects do interns expect?

Students expect internship projects that are relevant to their concentration area, challenging, well-planned, visible to the organization and supervised by a professional who is ready to make time in his/her schedule to share industry expertise. Students want internships that will build their skill set as well as their résumé. For detailed information and sample descriptions, visit our Sample Internships page.

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6. If I post an opportunity, am I guaranteed to receive an intern?

There is no guarantee. These strategies will increase the likelihood of attracting strong candidates:

  • Offer hourly pay and/or other perks. The most competitive and challenging opportunities provided by our top organizations are also paid positions. This is especially crucial during the summer semester when students are charged separate tuition to complete a credit-bearing internship.
  • Post your internship description early. Students start their internship search several months before each semester begins. Access our Timelines and Deadlines page for more information.
  • Develop an interesting, real-world internship project that will enhance a student's résumé.

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7. What kind of academic requirements do you place on your students?

Students applying for internship positions posted through BizLink have been prescreened for academic performance. 

  • Undergraduate students: may hold sophomore, junior or senior status and carry a 2.5 minimum GPA. Most undergraduate students complete internships during the summer between junior and senior year.
  • MBA students: 3.0 minimum GPA. MBA students must have completed the first two semesters of their program before participating in internships.

During the internship, students are required to follow our syllabus, which includes instructions for completing the progress report, final paper and evaluations. Written assignments and evaluations are submitted through BizLink and are password protected. Only our director and program assistant review these assignments. Students also have an option to conduct a presentation in exchange for writing a paper during our Internship Showcase. Superviors are welcome to attend.

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8. How do I accept an international student for an internship?

Absolutely, yes. We make it very easy for you. The only additional step you need to take in the hiring process is to write an offer letter to submit with the Management by Objectives contract. We take care of the work authorization request for you, called Curricular Practical Training (referred to as CPT) and there is no cost attached.

Once fully authorized, international students must adhere to certain dates of employment (similar to regular semester dates) and usually can begin working within seven days of our request. During fall and spring semesters, international students may not exceed 20 hours per week of work, and during summers can work a maximum of 40 hours per week.

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9. How do I invite my intern back for another semester?

Yes, as long as the internship experience is different or is a necessary continuation of the project begun in the previous semester. In either case, the internship description cannot be the same as during the previous semester. The second semester will be treated as a new internship and you will be required to sign a second Management by Objectives contract and, if necessary, produce a second offer letter.

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10. How do I direct a student to set up academic credit for my internship?

If you have not posted your opportunity in BizLink but instead have connected with your intern through a mutual contact, job fair or other means, simply direct them to our program. You will be asked to provide a detailed internship description as a first step. Our Internship Description Guide [PDF] will help. Our staff may contact you if necessary, and will set up an account for you in our BizLink system. Your intern will be required to report the internship in BizLink and to follow the same steps as all other interns regarding paperwork and assignments..

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