Articles and Books

Accounting and Law

Gu, F., & Li, J. (2008). Matching words with action: The effect of management stock trading decision on investors’ judgment of disclosure credibility. Investor Relations Update, 8–10.

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Finance and Managerial Economics

Chung, K. H., Chuwonganant, C., & Jiang, J. (2008). The dynamics of quote adjustments. Journal of Banking and Finance, 32(11), 2390-2400.

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Smith, B., Mark, D., & Ehrlich, I. (2008). The mystery of capital and the construction of social reality. Chicago: Open Court Publishing Company.

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Management Science and Systems

Chen, R., Sharman, R., Chakravarty, N., Rao, H. R., & Upadhyaya, S. (2008). Emergency response information system interoperability: Development of chemical incident response data model. Journal of the Association for Information Systems, 9(3), Article 7.

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Goo, J., Kishore, R., Rao, H. R., & Nam, K. (in press). The role of service level agreements in relational management of IT outsourcing: An empirical study. MIS Quarterly.

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Wang, J., Chaudhury, A., & Rao, H. R. (2008). A value-at-risk approach to information security investment. Information Systems Research, 19(1), 106–120.

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Gauri, D. K., Sudhir, K. & Talukdar, D. (2008). The temporal and spatial dimensions of price search: Insights from matching household survey and purchase data. Journal of Marketing Research, 45(2), 226-240.

Gauri, D. K., Trivedi, M. & Grewal, D. (2008). Understanding the determinants of retail strategy: An empirical analysis. Journal of Retailing, 84(3), 256-267.

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Trivedi, M., Morgan, M. S., & Desai, K.K. (2008). Consumer's value for agent information in service industry. Journal of Services Marketing, 22(2), 149-159.

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Operations Management and Strategy

Aggarwal, R., Lin, W. T., & Mohanty, S.K. (2008). Are forward exchange rates rational forecasts of future spot rates? : An improved econometric analysis for the major currencies. Multinational Finance Journal, 12, 1-20.

Hamister, J., & Suresh, N.C (2008). The impact of pricing policy on sales variability in a supermarket retail context. International Journal of Production Economics, 111, 441-455.

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Park, S., Suresh, N.C., & Jeong, B (2008). Sequence-based clustering for web-usage mining: A new experimental framework and ANN-enhanced K-means algorithm. Data and Knowledge Engineering, 65(3), 512-543.

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Organization and Human Resources

Adams, G.L., Treadway, D.C., & Stepina, L.P. (2008). Perception of politics formation: The predictive capacity of negative and positive affectivity, equity sensitivity, and self-efficacy. Journal of Managerial Issues, 4, 545-563.

Yammarino, F. & Dansereau, F. (2008). Multi-level nature of and multi-level approaches to leadership. Leadership Quarterly, 19, 135-141.

Yammarino, F., Dionne, S., Schriesheim, C. & Dansereau, F. (2008). Authentic leadership: A meso, multi-level perspective. Leadership Quarterly, 19(6), 693–707.

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