Leadership Coaching Certification

Our Leadership Coaching Certification consists of four courses that cover a range of topics, including foundational leadership coaching skills, assessment and feedback, advanced skills and a practicum where participants gain real-world coaching experience under the supervision of program facilitators.

The curriculum will benefit those who want to enhance their own skills to be successful managers, as well as those seeking to become coaches and work with leaders to help them become their best.

You will learn the technical and relational sides of coaching to yourself and others, including how to:

  • Use assessment instruments to identify strengths that should be cultivated and highlighted as well as gaps and blind spots that need to be addressed.
  • Leverage active listening and asking powerful questions to create insight, foster reflection and learning, uncover meaning, create accountability and ownership, and defuse defensiveness.
  • Gain clarity about your coaching philosophies and beliefs, while applying this focus to the coaching process.
  • Provide thoughtful and impactful feedback that is balanced between constructive and positive.
  • Create development plans that enhance performance and evoke excellence.
  • Develop and follow a coaching process that will enhance performance and optimize business results.
  • Capitalize on and understand the impact of neuroscience in relationships and coaching.
  • Learn to use advanced coaching concepts to include theories, practices, models and frameworks that inform the coaching process. 
  • Quickly gain and maintain trust in relationships.
  • Gain skill and confidence through hours of practice both in class and with real-world clients.
  • Benefit from peer learning through skill practices, modeling and interactions.
  • Build strong people management skills through coaching.

Class will be co-taught by:

Cost: $6,780
Contact CLOE at mgt-cloe@buffalo.edu for more information.

UB faculty, staff and students: Contact mgt-cloe@buffalo.edu for pricing details.

Marsha King, PhD.
“Coaching is especially important now, when budgets are tight and employees are being asked to do more with less. Your employees want to be empowered. They want to do their best. With coaching, you can motivate and inspire them to do just that. ”
Marsha King, PhD
Course Co-Facilitator

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