Gain the knowledge to analyze, develop, implement and manage marketing programs.

Through hands-on projects, discussions, lectures and presentations by industry leaders, our students learn retail and sales force management, consumer behavior, advertising, promotion and marketing research.

Concentration and Degree Options

  • All undergraduates take “Principles of Marketing” as part of the core curriculum, but you can dive deeper by selecting the marketing concentration, which prepares you for a career in sales, marketing research or marketing management.
  • For MBA students, the marketing management concentration delivers the concepts, tools and techniques you need to successfully research, plan and carry out marketing strategies in any organization, while also providing a wide enough perspective for any managerial position.
  • As a Management PhD majoring in marketing, you will collaborate with leading researchers and acquire the skills needed to publish in top journals and become a marketing scholar.

The Marketing Department also houses the Center for Relationship Marketing, which strives to identify marketing strategies to enhance corporate profitability through superior relationships with consumers. Faculty and students conduct their research using information from the center’s robust database, which tracks purchases of fast-moving products across two retail chains for more than a million households over multiple years.