Sanford C. Gunn

Clinical Associate Professor Emeritus
Accounting and Law Department


PhD, Ohio State University
MS, University of Massachusetts
BBA, University of Massachusetts
Certified Management Accountant

Gunn's specialties are managerial accounting and financial planning and control. He teaches “Fundamentals of Accounting” in the UB School of Management’s undergraduate business program in Singapore, and is co-author of a variety of supplemental materials for various accounting texts.

Selected Publications

Test Bank to Accompany Hilton, Management Accounting, McGraw-Hill (2nd edition, 1994).
The Phish Corporation, A Management Accounting Case, McGraw-Hill (1991).

Professional Associations

  • American Accounting Association 
  • Institute of Management Accounting

Consulting Activities

  • Xerox Corporation 
  • Exolon 
  • Harrison Radiator

International Activities

In addition to his teaching in Singapore, Dr. Gunn has taught managerial and financial accounting in UB School of Management programs in China and Hungary.