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Build your skills to succeed in the School of Management—and beyond.

We offer three core skill areas for personal skill-building. When making your half-hour appointment, select the area that best matches your educational goals and indicate in the comments or when you arrive the specific topic areas below you'd like to explore.

During your personal one-on-one session, a strategist will focus on your selected area of skills to enhance, or you can bring your classmates with you to create your own group skill-building session.

Learning Styles Series

If you struggle to recall information on exams or wish to understand how your brain likes to take in, organize and learn new information, start with this series. Meetings can include such topics as learning styles, memorizing systems, the forgetting curve, flash cards, working memory and short-term versus long-term memory.

Title Description
Understanding Learning Styles When you know how your brain likes to learn, you can adapt to meet the demands of your individual classes. This workshop will teach you how to study smarter—not harder.
Communicating with Your Professors Your professors are experts in their field. Learn how to effectively communicate with them so you can get the most out of your learning experience.
Personal Branding

Create your personal brand and learn how to effectively communicate your strengths.

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Success Mapping Series

Start with this series if your organizational systems leave you struggling to remember when assignments are due, overwhelmed by your workload or cramming last minute for quizzes and exams.

Learn how to stay up to date, organized and in control of your course requirements. Meetings can include such topics as time mapping, syllabus mapping, finals mapping and semester success mapping.

Title Description
Start Strong Create your academic mission plan for the school year. Have checks and balances in place before you start to keep you on a successful track.
Syllabus Mapping Understanding the value of your syllabus and the information provided can be the difference between a successful semester and a stressful one. Learn how to get the most out of your class syllabus.
Time Mapping

Not time management—time mapping. Determine whether you have enough time (or too much time) in the week for your brain to absorb the new information you receive.

Motivation vs. Procrastination Do you feel motivated, or are you a procrastinator? Learn why—and how you can focus on staying motivated during the semester.
Finish Strong, Prepare for Exams Discover how to stay focused and maintain your momentum during finals to finish your semester strong.

Study Hacks Series

Are you looking to be more efficient with your learning process? Do your grades represent the amount of time and hard work you put into your classes?

Through this series, you can explore realistic ways of organizing information and discover effective study techniques that match your learning style. Meetings can include such topics as study reading, target highlighting, Velcro learning, flash cards, magic No. 7, knowing vs. learning, and silo and comparative study.

Title Description
Presentation Preparation

Learn basic skills to prepare for a class presentation and lock in a higher grade.

Study Skills and Note-Taking

Do you study efficiently? Do your notes support your learning style? Learn how to build healthy study habits.
Test Anxiety

If studying for and taking exams creates anxiety for you, this workshop will help you identify ways to reduce stress and increase your focus.

General Workshops

In addition to the core skill areas above, we offer two general workshops to help you plan your next move academically and reach your goals. 

Title Description
Right Track

Not sure where to start? Schedule a 15-minute Right Track appointment to ask questions or discuss your goals and how best to achieve them.

Recovery Plan

Work with our team to develop a recovery plan based on your academic goals to improve your grades or recover from an underperforming semester. Learn to recognize when you need to ask for help and identify your strengths to support your success.