Incoming Students

You’ve been accepted into the Professional MBA Program. Congratulations! What’s next?

Take a little time to relax and enjoy your accomplishment, then take care of a few things before you start classes.


Information regarding PMBA orientation will be emailed to all accepted students.


Following orientation all fall incoming students will take MGQ 606 Statistical Analytics and MGB 601 Behavioral and Organizational Concepts in their first semester based on the track they selected on their application or through follow-up emails with PMBA staff. We will discuss the details of your courses, future semester course selection and degree completion planning at orientation.

Person Number

Your UB person number and your UB IT name can be found by logging back into your application and checking the status tab. Your person number will be required on many forms that you will need to complete throughout the program.

UB Email

Learn more about your email account and how to activate it. Claim your UBIT name and create your online directory prior to setting up your email account.


To reserve your seat in the PMBA class of 2021, you will need to pay a $250 deposit toward your tuition. 

Health Form

Current immunizations are required.

You will not be registered for classes until you complete a health form [PDF] and submit it to Health Services. Your UB person number must be listed on the form to ensure timely processing.

Health Form Instructions

UB ID Cards

Every student must have a UB ID card. You may obtain your card online or in person. The UB Card Office is open from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., Monday through Friday.

Parking Permits

Parking permits are not required after 3 p.m. However, you may find that there are times that you want or need to be on campus during the regular business day. We suggest that every student request a parking permit. Parking permits can only be ordered online. When you fill out the form, request that the permit be picked up at North Campus.

Delivery/Pick up of ID Cards and Parking Permits

Order your ID card and parking permit by noon on August 20, 2018 and notify the PMBA staff by email once complete. Your ID card and parking permit will be available for you to pick up with your textbooks during the first week of classes beginning Monday, August 27, 2018.

Helpful Links

Tools and Resources

Directions on how to forward your UB email account. Your professors will only contact you using your UB email, so check it or have UB email forwarded to you daily.

Directions on how to connect your computer to the UB wireless system.

  • How-to guides and tutorials that will help you navigate your HUB Student Center.
  • Log-in to HUB

A step-by-step PDF guide for directions on how to use HUB to view your class schedules.

Detailed map of the business school facilities.

We are working to update the MBA handbook. A helpful guide outlining your rights and responsibilities as a student of the UB School of Management.

You can pursue a federal loan at or you may apply for one through a financial lending institution.

Students taking fewer than 6 credit hours are not eligible for financial aid. Non-matriculated students are not eligible for financial aid.

The University at Buffalo is partnering with Nelnet Business Solutions to administer payment plans.

View Academic Calendars, past, present and future.

Easier ways to get around campus.