What is a hybrid program?

The University at Buffalo School of Management's Professional MBA program provides a flexible solution for career advancement. 

As we remain committed to helping our curriculum evolve and maintaining our world-renowned ranking, our structure continually adapts to meet the needs of your schedule and demanding careers. 

Our hybrid cohort-based program makes your work-life balance flexible with a blend of face-to-face and web-based collaboration, while providing you with the support and professional network you need to get ahead in your career. 

Our Professional MBA program allows you to take the flexibility to get ahead with:

A curriculum with one-third of in-person classes, including:

  • Class discussions that further develop strategic thinking
  • Group problem solving
  • Ongoing trend analysis to improve workplace adaptability
  • Group case discussions, helping to naturally extend your perspective and network
  • Real-world application examples of all curriculum initiatives
  • Live, in-class simulations

A two-thirds blend of assisted or web-based learning, including:

  • Small group discussions with faculty via technology so your personal mentorship opportunities remain strong
  • Facilitated discussion on relevant topics based on culture and real-world demands, giving you an edge in the field
  • Web-based simulations and faculty presentations for convenient, off-site learning, allowing you to take your education anywhere you are
  • Group-based and/or company-focused projects completed by video so you can continue to grow your network of professional peers
  • Recorded videos from research and industry experts to sharpen your expertise at home
  • Flexible, asynchronous times that fit your schedule, allowing you true flexibility in your professional development

Research shows that this blended, hybrid approach to our curriculum is the most effective way to learn – and your success will show it, too.