Career Management

Our PMBA students want to ensure they're continuously learning and connecting with people and resources that will propel them into the next phase of their careers.

That's why our program focuses on developing and practicing skills needed for expanding your network to explore new employment opportunities. Whether participants want to showcase their talents to their current employer or expand their network to include potential employers, the variety and flexibility of career offerings adds tremendous value to the PMBA program.

From establishing a personal brand to understanding how to more actively nurture and engage your network, you will have access to resources that will fast-track your career development and prepare you for leadership opportunities.


The Professional MBA program offers a host of electives, career building opportunities and skill building sessions to show professionals how to actively manage their careers, with their current employers and beyond.

  • How to effectively develop social and emotional intelligence skills
  • Developing a personal brand and image
  • Networking strategies
  • Résumé writing
  • Opportunity analysis
  • Working with executive recruiters
  • Web-based job search tools and resources


The career-focused electives offer students guidance and support based on your specific needs and interests. In addition to these courses, professional staff are available to help guide you to the next step in your career.


As a PMBA student, you can further expand your network by tapping into the School of Management’s extensive global network. From your PMBA colleagues to students and alumni, we can you connect to people and organizations that can help poise you for opportunities that will accelerate your career. Some of the available opportunities for connection include:

  • Developing relationships with graduates around the world who share your goals
  • Taking part in PMBA events designed to expand the reach of your current network
  • Leverage your online social networks