Presented below are typical course sequences for the both the quantitative and behavioral tracks. While this curriculum is indicative in nature, the program of studies is flexible to accommodate changes based on your individual research interests. Refer to the PhD Handbook for complete information on all program requirements. 

Quantitative Track

Behavioral Track

Second-Year Paper

Your required research paper must be completed by the end of the first semester of your third year of study. It is hoped, although not required, that this paper will result into a dissertation topic and/or a co-authored paper that can be submitted to a leading marketing or business journal.

Comprehensive Examination

All students must successfully pass the comprehensive examination in marketing. You are expected to take the exam at the end of your second year.


Students typically work full-time on their dissertation from third year onwards. The dissertation is the final step towards successful graduation.

Financial Assistance

Financial aid, primarily in the form of research and teaching assistantships including a stipend and tuition waiver, is available for four years. In addition, fifth-year funding in the form of teaching assistantship is available in most cases, subject to satisfactory performance. These can be supplemented through other awards that are available on a competitive basis.