Academic Standing

The Graduate School defines "good academic standing" as a student who is making acceptable progress toward a graduate degree and who is eligible to register for and pursue academic coursework at this university for the current semester. All graduate students are expected to remain in good academic standing throughout the entire course of their study.

The minimum academic requirements for good academic standing established by the Graduate School are as follows (individual college/schools may establish stricter academic standards):

  1. Exclusive of S or L grades, grades earned in credits counted toward the student's master's or doctoral program must average a B (3.00) grade point average or better.
  2. The S grade is awarded only in those instances where a student's letter grade would have been equivalent to a B or better.

Academic requirements other than those imposed by the Graduate School are determined by the program faculty and approved by the appropriate decanal unit. All graduate students are expected to demonstrate competence in teaching and research with respect to their educational needs and career objectives.