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Accelerate your career with an advanced degree and the skills employers need now.

With a Master of Science in Business Analytics from the UB School of Management, you'll gain a combination of technical, managerial and communication skills, allowing you to rise to leadership positions in organizations worldwide.

Take advantage of the overwhelming demand for data analysts in every industry by focusing on the skills the employers want: data-driven decision-making, data visualization and business intelligence. Beyond technical skills, employers say storytelling is both the most critical and frequently missing skill in the analytics toolset. Storytelling is what turns data scientists into leaders who solve business problems.

Our unique combination of coursework means you will graduate with a strong foundation of knowledge and applied experience, with the ability to listen to and tell the story of your data, positioning you to become a trusted advisor to senior management.


Developed with input from corporate recruiters, alumni and industry experts, our program consists of 30 credit hours of graduate coursework over two semesters.

In addition to electives, you may substitute some flexcore courses (see below) with those in other areas, such as marketing, finance, supply chain and health care, allowing you to leverage your background and advance your career goals. These substitutions must be approved by the program director.

Data storytelling. Making sense out of Big Data.

According to Forbes, 90% of the world’s data was created in just the last two years. To make sense of this exponential growth, data storytelling, visualization and communication are critical skills. It will be the data storytellers who can see patterns, tell a story and use critical thinking and problem solving. The School of Management's MS in business analytics was developed to provide you with the skills to come up with potential solutions.

What Skills are in Demand?

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International Students

UB's MS in Business Analytics qualifies as a STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) program, which provides an additional 24 months Optional Practical Training (OPT) for F-1 visa holders who begin the program in fall 2021 or later. For more information, visit the Department of Homeland Security Study in the States website or UB's International Student Services Office.