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How LeaderCORE™ Works

Upon entering the program, our MBAs undergo a rigorous assessment process to identify the competencies they wish to strengthen.

Next, we help each student create a customized personal development plan. Then, with our team of faculty, staff, external coaches and alumni, we provide a unique learning environment where the traditional learning model is complemented with new opportunities for our MBAs to develop skills that prepare them to lead today’s organizations. These opportunities exist within their courses and beyond, through a vast assortment of co-curricular activities like our Corporate Champions program, internships, case competitions and leadership initiatives that are closely related to and integrated with classroom learning experiences. Throughout the process, a real-world focus is paramount, with emphasis on the skills employers have identified as critical for future leaders. In their final semester, students are evaluated, and those who are successful receive LeaderCORE certification.

A Foundation of Experience

For more than a decade, the School of Management has built the foundation of LeaderCORE by learning what employers seek in MBAs and integrating that information into our curriculum. One course in particular, LeaderCORE Development I (formerly Leadership PACE), is based on the belief that success in today’s business world depends on more than just technical expertise. This course helps our students understand and manage themselves and others, and enhances their ability to learn and adapt to new and changing situations. The LeaderCORE program was developed to expand on the outstanding success of Leadership PACE, and brings together faculty, staff, alumni and business partners interested in developing the skills of our next generation of leaders.

How is LeaderCORE Unique?

LeaderCORE is different from other leadership programs in a number of ways.


  • Creates a highly individualized experience customized for each participant
  • Empowers students to assess, develop and demonstrate levels of management readiness
  • Matches students with coaches and advisors from a core of faculty, staff, alumni and corporate partners
  • Encompasses a wide spectrum of competencies
  • Integrates coursework with multiple leadership opportunities beyond the classroom
  • Results in LeaderCORE certification for those who successfully complete the program