Mentor Program

Approximately 12 second-year MBA students are chosen to participate in the UB MBA Mentor Program.

Team mentoring is a 3-credit elective course offered to a select group of full-time MBA students in the fall semester of their second year. Each student admitted to the course assumes the role of mentor/facilitator to first-semester MBA student teams. A mentor is one who has knowledge and experience in an area and shares that knowledge with a relative novice. Mentors offer support, encouragement, feedback, inspiration and practical advice that facilitates the first-year student's transition from that of an individual contributor to a fully functioning team member and/or leader. A team mentor’s primary role is to help team members examine their work process by assisting their identification of behaviors that enhance team functioning, and by providing guidance with respect to those that may impede it.

The course provides second-year students with practical experience in observing internal team processes and coaching others. Readings, presentations, discussions and activities provide a foundation for enhancing mentors’ coaching skills. This experience also provides a resource for the first-semester MBA teams, better enabling students to derive the greatest value from their MBA team experience.

Read what the mentors have to say:

"Being a mentor to the class of 2011 in UB’s MBA program provided me with the unique experience and opportunity to assist first year students, refine their team skills and become strong players in an increasingly team-oriented society. I loved frequently interacting with my teams and getting to know each individual on a more personal level to identify their strengths and weaknesses as well as how they interact with others. The mentor program helped me better understand team dynamics and effective methods for providing feedback and advice.

I highly suggest that students who have the opportunity to be a mentor take it. I have gained valuable knowledge that will benefit me significantly in my career and had a lot of fun while doing it!"

Sarah Oliver
MBA Class of 2010 and mentor

"As a first year student you often think that your team is the only one with internal issues and that the rest of the teams are performing well, which is clearly not the case. Serving as a mentor allowed me not only to help improve team dynamic [among my assigned teams], but also to obtain a personal new perspective in regards to what it truly means to be a teammate."

Daphne Shtarker
MBA Class of 2010 and mentor

"The program has taught me valuable mentoring techniques that I can apply by facilitating team interactions among the first-year MBA students. I believe that these skills will enable me to become an effective manager in the future. I am glad to contribute back to the school through this program."

KuoSiong (Gordon) Tan
MBA Class of 2010 and mentor