The MBA Experience

MBA Consulting Group

To be successful in today's global marketplace, you must be able to skillfully lead, work and communicate with colleagues from diverse social, political and functional backgrounds.

In the UB School of Management's MBA program, you'll work in the same team environment that exists in most top business organizations today. As a first-year student, you'll be placed in a cohort of about 60 students with whom you'll attend most classes.

You also will be grouped into six-person teams, assembled for their diversity. You and your teammates will prepare projects, deliver presentations, complete assignments and study together. You will become adept at collaboration and team problem-solving, and challenge each other to think from different perspectives and adapt to new ideas. As an added benefit, teammates often become friends and future colleagues, contributing to one another's lifetime career networks.

The Bottom Line

You will leave our program with these tools for success:

  • A breadth of knowledge across all functional areas
  • Comprehensive, in-depth knowledge in one or more specialized areas
  • Highly developed analytical and conceptual skills
  • Practical, hands-on business experience
  • The ability to think strategically and solve problems
  • Strong interpersonal and teamwork skills
  • A global perspective and understanding
  • Polished communication and presentation skills
A comprehensive leadership certification program that spans the entire two years of our MBA program and ensures our graduates are management ready.
As a UB MBA, you'll participate in the Corporate Champions program, a unique opportunity that will help you become more involved in business and the community as you gain a real-world perspective on what you learn in your classes.
At the University at Buffalo School of Management, your MBA experience begins before you even set foot in a classroom. During our innovative orientation and professional development sessions, known as MBA Advantage, you will become acquainted with your classmates and begin to familiarize yourself with the team-based learning environment that is the backbone of our curriculum.
Mentors offer support, encouragement, feedback, inspiration and practical advice that facilitates the first-year student's transition from that of an individual contributor to a fully functioning team member and/or leader. A team mentor’s primary role is to help team members examine their work process by assisting their identification of behaviors that enhance team functioning, and by providing guidance with respect to those that may impede it.
Select finance students spend a semester at the heart of this fascinating area of legal practice related to corporate finance, capital markets, financial services, regulation and the emerging field of compliance. And because finance and law are increasingly global in nature, the program devotes attention to international practice as well.
China is an increasingly important participant in global economic affairs. Since January 2002, the School of Management has sponsored an annual trip to China as an elective element of our MBA International Business Environment course.
Country Forums are designed to provide students with insights to the different countries represented in the MBA program. Student speakers discuss their experiences with their fellow MBAs from their perspective.
The Executive Speaker Series features speakers who have excelled in their business careers, and was designed to give students the opportunity to meet today’s executives (primarily School of Management alumni) and learn from their rich expertise.
At the UB School of Management, case competitions provide important opportunities for students to integrate their learning across functional areas. The nature and variety of cases require students to draw upon a range of expertise and skills enabling them to propose solutions and present their recommendations.
The School of Management MBA Ambassadors are a volunteer group of first-year and second-year MBA students. These student ambassadors assist with the recruiting efforts for the full-time MBA program. Some recruitment activities include lunch with prospective students during the MBA for a Day program, leading campus tours and calling prospective students during the application process.
School of Management students run a number of organizations dedicated to professional and social pursuits. Some are exclusive to graduate or undergraduate students but many serve both populations.