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The University at Buffalo MBA program combines the depth of a strong management core curriculum with the breadth of career concentrations.

The two-year, full-time curriculum blends required foundation-building courses with flexible, career-targeted electives. The two-year format offers an excellent timeframe to build extensive career networks both inside and outside of the school, gain further real-world experience, and engage in a comprehensive job search. The faculty are committed to continuously reviewing the curriculum to maintain the strong foundation while keeping abreast of industry changes.

Developed with input from corporate recruiters, alumni, faculty, staff and career experts, the MBA curriculum provides the skills that individuals and organizations need for our globally integrated world of business. Programmatic goals such as team skills, quantitative analysis and integrative analysis are integral to the core, and the design also allows students flexibility to take advantage of are rich selection of concentrations and the LeaderCORE™ program.

First Semester - 15 core credits

  • MGA 603 Financial Accounting for Managers (2 credits - first 7 weeks)
  • MGB 610 Organizational Behavior (2 credits - 14 weeks)
  • MGB 611 Team Skills (1 credit - 14 weeks)
  • MGF 611 Financial Analysis for Managers (2 credits - second 7 weeks)
  • MGO 695 Foundations of Entrepreneurship (1.5 credits - second 7 weeks)
  • MGG 635 Management Communication (1.5 credits - first 7 weeks)
  • MGM 615 Marketing for Managers (2 credits - second 7 weeks)
  • MGQ 608 Statistical Analysis for Managers (2 credits - 14 weeks)
  • MGQ 609 Analytics for Managers (1 credit - 14 weeks)

Second Semester - 10 core credits

  • MGA 605 Accounting for Management Decision Making (2 credits - second 7 weeks)
  • MGE 604 Business Economics (2 credits - first 7 weeks)
  • MGO 620 Operations Management (2 credits - first 7 weeks)
  • MGO 640 Business Strategy (2 credits - 14 weeks)
  • MGS 605 IT for Managers (2 credits - second 7 weeks)

Fourth Semester - 2 core credits

  • MGO 642 Integration of Business Functions (1 credit - 14 weeks)
  • MGO 644 Business Practice (1 credit - 14 weeks)

An additional 33 credits of electives selected from concentrations or individual development courses will complete the program.

Course Schedules

Selecting an MBA Concentration

If the first year is the strong base on which you can build your professional career, the second year is your chance to channel that knowledge into a targeted career direction. Your own interests and professional objectives come into play when you customize your program by choosing elective courses from our comprehensive offerings. The second year allows you to broaden your perspective on management or deepen it in specific areas. While some students choose not to specialize, you may select one or more concentrations.