MS Sustainable Transportation and Logistics Career Checklist

Your career development process starts before you even begin your first class. Use this online career checklist and calendar designed for MS in STL students to get this process started. The UB School of Management Career Resource Center (CRC) and UB Career Services are both resources for you to use throughout your degree program.

Read and follow the schedule outlined in each section to prepare for the internship and job search process. The summer and fall semester activities will also ensure completion of CRC requirements during your MS program. Access the necessary online tools and resources in each section to accomplish the semester objectives outlined.

Please note, many of the recommended in person events may be pending based on the COVID-19 impact. Virtual replacements may be offered.

Additional Resources

CRC Mission and Staff

The Career Resource Center (CRC) serves as the primary resource for students and alumni of the School of Management in career exploration and job search. The CRC is a key link between the school and employers, offering many programs that bring these groups together, such as career events, alumni connections, internships, campus recruiting and career development workshops and seminars. Our mission is to create a caring environment that enables and motivates you to be successful in reaching your individual career goals.

The CRC's dedicated staff is committed to assisting you throughout your career development and job search process. Get to know our team by visiting the CRC staff page. Melissa Ruggiero is dedicated to the students in STL who focus on operations and supply chain.

UB Career Services and Staff


A robust career community that challenges students to imagine and design meaningful lives and careers.


We challenge students to see possibilities and seek opportunities in preparation for life after college. Visit our Career Services staff page. Holly Justice is dedicated to the students in STL who focus on transportation, logistics and engineering-related careers.


Build and submit your résumé

Your résumé is due August 3  

  1. Build your updated (U.S. style) MS résumé using the CRC résumé tools below.
  2. Submit your résumé for critique using the VMock résumé review tool, which provides instant, automated and personalized guidance on your résumé. You must use the preferred CRC résumé template to get optimal results. 
    • Access to VMock will be granted in June. Watch for an invitation email, which will be sent to the email address you provided in your admissions application. NOTE: If you do not receive an email, please check your spam or junk folder before sending an email to
    • Your goal is to achieve 75 points or more before proceeding.
  3. Revise your résumé based on your VMock feedback.
  4. Personalized critiques from a career advisor are also important. Submit your updated résumé to  by August 3. Appropriate staff from the respective career center will critique your résumé.
    • As an MS Word document
    • It should be one page only.
    • Name your document STL_Last Name_First Name
    • Include your specific MS program in the subject line of the email, such as MS STL Résumé
    • Please note that résumés in unacceptable formats will be returned to you for reformatting when asked for a critique
Tell Me About Yourself Competition 2020.

Participate in the CRC’s “Tell Me About Yourself” Competition, powered by Grit Seed. Compete to win the chance to win an interview with Tesla this upcoming year, and to be crowned the “#1 OVERALL ULTIMATE TELL ME ABOUT YOURSELF CONTEST WINNER” by the School of Management!

It is super easy!

  1. Visit the competition website or text the code STL to +1-716-247-4629 to watch a quick instructional video on how to rock a great “Tell me about yourself” answer and access Grit Seed.
  2. Record your answer to “Tell me about yourself” right there by August 3

Answers will be evaluated on genuineness, authenticity, clarity and conciseness. The three top winners from each program will be announced at each M.S. Advantage. The #1 winner from each M.S. program is placed back in the running for all four management M.S. programs for bragging rights and social media kudos.

Please note: If you cannot access the Grit Seed tool, but still want to participate, please send an email to Melissa Ruggiero at

Consider attending a national career fair.

Some of our more competitive students who are conducting a national job search opt to attend a national career conference.  Learn about these conferences here. The most common career fairs for our STL students are:

If you plan to attend a national career fair, add “conference” to the subject line when you submit your résumé to the CRC. Subject line: MS STL Résumé - Last name/First name - Conference

Create or update your LinkedIn profile.

  • Learn how to effectively create and leverage your profile, using our social media tips.
  • Add your current degree program, selecting the “University at Buffalo, The State University at Buffalo” as your school.
  • Invite Melissa Ruggiero and any other UB staff, faculty or students you have communicated with to join your network after you have updated your profile to indicate you are attending our program.

Learn the resources available on the Career Resource Center website.

You will receive access to BizLink, the CRC’s career management system in late August. Watch for an email.

Explore the resources available from UB Career Services.

Fall Semester

Attend career events and workshops

Information about events and workshops are promoted through email during the semester. RSVP for events in BizLink or Bullseye, powered by Handshake respectively.

Create your profiles in BizLink and Bullseye

Sign in to the BizLink and Bullseye, powered by Handshake career management systems separately and complete all forms and answer all questions.

  • Incoming MS students will receive a welcome email message from BizLink once you have been added to the system. This usually occurs early in your first semester at UB.
  • Keep your profiles updated. The career staff use the data to effectively communicate with students and market UB's MS talent to prospective employers.
  • By completing your profile in Bullseye powered by Handshake you become 5x more likely to be contacted by an employer.

Upload your résumé to BizLink and Bullseye

After your career advisor has reviewed your résumé and you have made the recommended changes, upload your résumé to both the BizLink and Bullseye systems. All MS STL résumés should be approved and uploaded by the end of September.

  • It is extremely important that your uploaded résumé be error-free and in professional business format.
  • You can have multiple versions of your résumé in BizLink
    and in Bullseye, powered by Handshake, but only one “default” in each system.
  • As you edit your résumé throughout your program, be sure to upload the newest version to both systems. Your default résumé should be your most up-to-date version.

International Students: Attend various career-related international workshops

Schedule a practice interview

After attending an Advanced Interviewing workshop, schedule a practice interview with Melissa Ruggiero via BizLink or Holly Justice via Bullseye, powered by Handshake to set a baseline interview. This will help you be prepared in case an employer calls you for an interview unexpectedly

  • When scheduling the interview appointment through BizLink, submit a sample job posting
  • When scheduling an interview appointment through Bullseye, powered by Handshake make sure to bring a copy of your résumé and a sample job posting to the appointment.
  • Prior to your practice interview, you may want to review the CRC interviewing guide and tips or complete your own privately recorded interview through Big Interview (free when you sign up with UB email address)

Be aware of deadlines

Some companies recruit students in early fall, so it is important to monitor BizLink and Bullseye, powered by Handshake as well as your target company websites for summer internships. Some résumé deadlines are as early as September (even for summer internships). BizLink and Bullseye, powered by Handshake also list Employer Information Sessions. 

  • If you are interested in a company who does not recruit on the UB campus, consider attending a national career fair and view the college hiring section of those company’s’ websites early as there may be résumé deadlines as early as September.
  • If you are interested in a company who does not recruit on the UB campus, it does not mean the company does not want you to apply.  They do!  Apply via the college recruitment section, or student-hiring section of their website. Be mindful of their application schedule

Start learning how to write cover letters and networking emails

Review cover letter and job search correspondence resources. Any letter or email sent to a potential employer must be error-free, appropriately formatted and tailored to the company's needs and the desired employment opportunity. Check the CRC workshops and Career Services workshops for the Job Search Correspondence workshop and other relevant workshops.

Attend the fairs

Attend both the UB Management Career and Internship Expo and the UB STEAM Fair in early fall. Some of the attending companies will hold on-campus interviewing immediately or shortly after the fair. (However, do not rely solely on on-campus interviewing for full-time positions.) Review the CRC's Job Fairs and Events page for more information, including the national career fairs.

Get involved

Join student organizations and local professional associations that relate to your functional area of interest. The School of Engineering and Applied Sciences hosts an additional list of SEAS student organizations you may find interesting.

Create a target list of companies

Research and identify a list of companies to target for internship and full-time job opportunities. Use the following tools:

  • Mergent Intellect: Research individual companies and the industry in which they reside, or do an advanced search to create a list of companies within specific industries and/or geographic locations to target for internships or jobs. Find Mergent Intellect on the UB Libraries database page
  • Vault (found on BizLink): Investigate top employers by rankings, gain valuable career knowledge in the Career Guides and Industry Guides 
  • Go directly to company websites for information about how to submit your résumé. Conduct a targeted email (or direct mail) campaign to companies of interest. Also, network with fellow students, professors and alumni as well as friends and family.
  • Glassdoor: Create an account and gain an insider’s view of company reviews, how they interview, salaries and more
  • MyVisaJobs: Investigate if a specific company has petitioned for an H-1B before, or conduct research on top prospects based on city, industry, etc.

Keep an Excel file of these companies, contacts and activity. Keep text of the positions you apply to for when you get called for the interview. 

Winter Break

Make the most of your winter break by networking and learning.

Update your BizLink and Bullseye profiles

Upload a new résumé to showcase your fall projects. BizLink | Bullseye, powered by Handshake

Network New York and other New York City events

Build your network

Conduct informational interviews with alumni working in positions, companies or geographic areas of interest using the UB Career Connector Network.

Spring Semester

Update your résumé and LinkedIn

Update your résumé and LinkedIn profile to show any relevant projects, certifications and new learning. The relevance and content of your LinkedIn profile can make you readily found by recruiters and hiring managers using the tool to identify candidates.

Stay active with campus career events

Attend on-campus job fairs and networking events within the community. However, do not rely solely on on-campus interviewing for internships or full-time positions.

Add to and update your target list of companies

Continue to research and identify a list of companies to target for full-time job opportunities. Go directly to company websites for information about how to submit your résumé.  Conduct a targeted direct mail/email campaign to companies of interest. Also, network with fellow students, faculty and alumni, as well as friends and family. Understand when each company on your list recruits college grads for new positions.

Manage your offers wisely

Review information on Managing Job Offers and Compensation Negotiations.

  • Your acceptance of an internship offer is binding. Do not accept an offer, even verbally, until you are certain you are committed. 
  • Do not back out after accepting; that's called reneging, and is unethical. It will negatively impact your professional reputation, the reputation of the program and ultimately, could affect the value of your degree.

Repeat this process for your second year

Fall semester of your second year begins this process all over again. Repeat all steps from Fall above with your full-time search in mind.