MBA Résumé Templates

How to start?

Read the CRC Résumé Writing Guide and all the instructions below before you begin.

Preferred Résumé Template

Sample Résumés

The following samples show a variety of acceptable formats, which can be used by students in any concentration area:

Save your résumé using your Last Name_First Name as the file name. Example: Smith_John

Click on shaded areas in templates and appropriately enter your demographic, academic and employment information.

When applying online for jobs (not uploading documents), the CRC highly recommends students follow the guidelines for applying online with electronic résumés.

Why use the template?

Recruiters spend seconds deciding whether to place a résumé in the trash pile or interview pile. To increase your chances of securing an interview, you want create a résumé that effectively markets your qualifications in an error-free and easy-to-read format. By reducing the time and energy spent on formatting your résumé, the CRC résumé template helps you focus your attention on developing the résumé content that markets your unique experience and skills.

Many other top management programs require students use a résumé template and recruiters are accustomed to screening candidates’ skills and experience via a résumé template.

Customized for UB School of Management students, the CRC résumé template guides students in writing a résumé but also offers the flexibility to make any adjustments if necessary.

The CRC résumé template is a traditional style résumé that lists your professional experience chronologically, starting with your most recent position. The majority of résumés are written in this format, and this is also the format most employers are accustomed to seeing.

Adding LeaderCORE™

If you have been accepted into the LeaderCORE™ program then add it to your résumé. The LeaderCORE™ application process happens in early fall. There are several ways for you to present LeaderCORE™ to employers in your résumé format. Any of the following sections would be appropriate: Education, Honors, Leadership, and Certifications.

Limited Space Option
LeaderCORE™, UB School of Management

LeaderCORE™: Two-year leadership development program focusing on core management competencies (As a bullet under the Education section)

Additional Résumé Options
Selected for UB School of Management’s LeaderCORE™ program, 2018-present

LeaderCORE™, UB School of Management, 2018-present

  • Selected to participate in two-year leadership development program, focusing on core management competencies such as communication and strategic thinking. [Note: you can highlight the specific competencies on which you are focusing.]

LeaderCORE™, UB School of Management

  • Selective program to enhance core leadership competencies, with expected certification in spring 2020

Expanding Your Bullets

If you are having trouble expanding your bullet statements, ask yourself the following questions:

  • What relevant, transferable skills did I use or develop? 
  • What results can I quantify and/or highlight?
  • What was the purpose of my efforts?
  • What effect did I have on my team, organization, or client?
  • Did I collaborate with cross-functional teams and did I work with senior level staff?
  • Did senior level staff use the work I produced, and if so, for what purpose?
  • Was my work complex? How can I show this complexity with clarity?
  • What would a future employer find valuable and relevant about the work that I did?
  • Was I an outstanding performer? How would the recruiter know?

Technical to “Management-Focused” Bullet Points

Some of our incoming MBA students have previous technical experience and the first drafts of those résumés tend to focus on tasks instead of results or accomplishments. Consider what your potential employers in your future industries would want to know about your experiences and not just what your past employer would find interesting. Always have the reader in mind. Here is a before and after example that shows how to turn technical job description into more management-focused bullet points.

Before - needs improvement:

Infosys Technologies Ltd, Bangalore, India
Software Engineer, 11/2014 – 05/2018

  • Worked on applications for a European-based telecom company – platforms: Unix, Sybase, VMS and Oracle
  • Provided technical support for these applications
  • Noticed bottlenecks in the process
  • Worked with others migrate of the application to the next generation software
  • Conducted solution testing and maintained the solution testing environment of the application
  • Ensured integrity of the applications by following change management procedures
  • Proactively identified problems by installing checks early in the process

After - with enhancements:

Infosys Technologies Ltd, Bangalore, India
Software Engineer, 11/2014 – 05/2018

  • Managed applications on Unix, Sybase, VMS and Oracle platforms, which calculated commissions paid by a European-based telecom company to thousands of its dealers
  • Provided technical support to users, appropriately selling additional services and applications
  • Identified and resolved bottlenecks in the process and reduced the monthly batch processing time by 23%
  • Coordinated with global team members to ensure the successful migration of the application to the next generation software
  • Conducted solution testing and maintained the testing environment of the application, ensuring software released into production did not hinder with business continuity
  • Ensured integrity of the applications by following change management procedures and identified problems by installing checks early in the process
  • Accurately documented all processes, created progress and final reports for senior management and clients

Notice that the after version shows results with actual percentages and describes the value that the employee brought to the company. Take the time to think about the skills you developed that would be transferable to your future jobs and also try to show you were successful at the tasks you performed by using those skills. Our recommendation is to research job openings for positions you would plan to apply for in the future and see what skills and qualities the companies are requesting for those jobs. How can you show that you have developed those skills in your past positions already?