Dual Degrees – Health-Related Professions/MBA

Students with two strong interests who don't wish to choose one over the other may consider a dual graduate degree program that combines a health-related degree from the University at Buffalo with an MBA, including the following:

Enhance your audiology skills with a solid foundation of business acumen to prepare for a strategic leadership role.
Your patients are your clients. Your practice is also your business.
Enhance your world-class clinical training with advanced management education to become a sought-after health care leader.
Change agents with solid business skills are in demand to lead highly effective teams and create new programs and policies.
Drive the business of the pharmaceutical industry forward with the analytical tools and managerial skills necessary to become a leader.

Philip L. Glick MD, MBA

MBA Liaison to UB Health Science Schools and UB School of Management Collaborative Programs

Dual-degree students, from left, Conrad Gleber, MD/MBA '17; Jasmin Dhanjal, DDS/MBA '18; Laura Bielecki, PharmD/MBA '18; Ishita Mehta, PharmD/MBA '17; Bisi Aiyelabowo, PharmD/MBA '17; and Russell Van Coevering, MD/MBA '17.