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7-8-2018 — A Reuters article about Temasek Holdings, which is likely to book a record $221 billion for the value of its portfolio, interviews Veljko Fotak, assistant professor of finance.

Isaac Ehrlich

7-2-2018 — An article in The New York Times about the Buffalo Billion interviews Isaac Ehrlich, SUNY Distinguished Professor of Economics and the Melvin H. Baker Professor of American Enterprise.

Photo of Katerina Bezrukova

6-18-2018 — An article in The Atlantic looks at research by Kate Bezrukova, associate professor of organization and human resources, that shows how the isolation of individual players affects team chemistry in Major League Baseball.

Arun Lakshmanan

6-8-2018 — MarketWatch reported on research by Arun Lakshmanan, associate professor of marketing, that found narcissists are more likely to donate to charity when the request focuses on them — not the recipient.

Photo Alt

5-31-2018 — Jim Lemoine, assistant professor of organization and human resources, was interviewed by global news agency AFP and featured on Yahoo! Finance and other outlets, discussing why morality in leadership is more important than ever.