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Bachelor of Science in Business Administration

Management Information Systems Concentration

If you enjoy using technology to solve problems, the Management Information Systems (MIS) concentration may be the right choice for you. The MIS concentration is comprised of six upper-level courses exploring both technical and managerial topics in order to equip students for an entry-level position in the Management Information Systems or related field. Combined with the core business classes, students are prepared to learn how to use technology to create business value in an organization. Specific coursework includes technical topics like Database Management Systems and Telecommunications Technology and also more traditional MIS-oriented coursework like Systems Analysis and Design and Management of IT Projects. Students are also exposed to a variety of technologies and programming languages in order to develop technical aptitude, familiarity and breadth.

Curriculum Plan

Academic performance in the freshman and sophomore courses is the main criterion for admission to the upper-division in the School of Management. In the first two years, students complete the university writing requirements, general education courses and seven prerequisite courses for the major.

Students not ready for calculus are advised to complete pre-calculus before attempting MTH 131.

Freshman Year

1st semester

2nd semester

ECO 181 Introduction to Macroeconomics (prerequisite to business major) ECO 182 Introduction to Microeconomics (prerequisite to business major)
MTH 131 Mathematical Analysis for Business (prerequisite to business major) PSY 101 Introduction to Psychology (prerequisite to business major)
ENG 101 Writing I ENG 201 Advanced Writing II
UGC 111 World Civilization I UGC 112 World Civilization II 
  Free Elective (AACSB - 3 units)

Sophomore Year

1st semester

2nd semester

MGA 201 Introduction to Accounting I (prerequisite to business major) MGA 202 Introduction to Accounting II (prerequisite to business major)
MGQ 201 Introduction to Computers and Statistics (prerequisite to business major) Arts General Education Course
Natural Science Natural Science (with lab)
UGC 211 American Pluralism Free Elective (AACSB  - 3 units)
Free Elective (AACSB - 1 unit) Free Elective (AACSB - 3 units)

After successful completion of the freshman and sophomore year curriculum at the minimum admission standards and gaining formal admission to the major, the following requirements remain:

Junior Year

1st semester

2nd semester

MGQ 301 Statistical Decisions in Management** MGO 302 Production and Operations **
MGS 351 Introduction to Management Information Systems** MGF 301 Corporation Finance**
MGB 301 Organizational Behavior and Administration** MGI 301 Human Resources Management**
MGG 300 Career Strategies, Planning and Management (fall or spring - 2 units)** MGM 301 Principles of Marketing**
CSE  113 Introduction to Computer Programming I (Required MIS Concentration Course; complete anytime before MGS 405 and MGS 425) (AACSB) Free Elective (3 units)

Senior Year

1st semester

2nd semester

MGT 401 Public Policy, Law and Management** MGO 403 Fundamentals of Strategic Management (fall or spring)**
MGE 302 Applied Economics** MGS 405 Systems Analysis and Design (spring only)
(Required MIS Concentration Course)
MGS 314 Applied Business Programming (fall only)
(Required MIS Concentration Course)

MGS 425 IT Systems Analysis and Design (spring only)
(Required MIS Concentration Course)

MGS 402 Telecommunications Technology (fall only) 
(Required MIS Concentration Course)

Free Elective (Internship Recommended - 3 units) 
MGS 404 Database Management Systems (fall only)
(Required MIS Concentration Course)
Free Elective - 1 unit


KEY: ** Required MG Core Courses

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