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The tuition for spring 2016 non-matriculated PMBA courses is $760 per credit hour ($2,280 per course), which includes tuition, fees* and books. Credit hours for each course are noted on the course listing. Tuition for spring 2016 will be determined in April 2015.

Financial Aid

Financial aid is NOT available for non-matriculated students. If necessary you may wish to talk with your local lending institution to discuss financing opportunities.

State University of New York Policy

When you register for courses, you assume responsibility for paying all tuition and fees associated with your registration. You must pay even if you did not attend a single class unless you have dropped or resigned your courses according to the published deadlines. See the university liability deadlines.

If you have additional questions, call 716-645-3200 or send an e-mail inquiry to the PMBA office.

*This tuition cost per credit hour does not include costs for UB Health Insurance which you will be required to purchase if you are not already covered by a health plan.

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