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Career Management

Participants in the PMBA program at UB want to make sure they are continuously learning and connecting with people and resources that can propel them to leap into the next phase of their career. That is why our offerings focus on developing and practicing skills needed for effective career networking. Whether participants want to showcase their talents to their current employer or expand their network to include potential employers, the variety and flexibility of career offerings adds tremendous value to the PMBA program.

From establishing a personal brand to understanding how to more actively nurture and engage your network, you will have access to resources that will fast track your career development and prepare you for leadership opportunities.


Students may take advantage of a framework and tools for life-long career planning and goal setting, including skill building sessions and workshops that address career management networking needs and interests, such as:


Students often gain valuable career insight through the career focused mini-course. In addition to this comprehensive resource, individualized assistance is also available to help you navigate your career path, offering guidance and support based on your specific needs and interests. As you explore your career options and formalize your long term career plan, a coach can help you stay accountable and connect you with resources and tools that can help you move to the next level in your career.


PMBA students can further expand their network by tapping into the UB School of Management’s extensive global network. From your PMBA colleagues to students and alumni, we can help you connect you to people and organizations that can help poise you for opportunities that will accelerate your career. Some of the available opportunities for connection include:

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