Registration Procedures

Full-time MBA students should check the registration dates and procedures published by the Registrar. Courses may be added and dropped by registered students until the end of the drop/add period. Both initial registration and drop/add are conducted through HUB, the University’s on-line system.
Full-time students are advised to check online for a revised schedule sheet before registering for courses. Changes are often made after the Registrar publishes the University schedule.
Day MBA students may only register for PMBA sections if permission is received from the Graduate Programs Office. 
PMBA students will be alerted via email of registration dates and procedures. To take courses with the Full-time MBAs, PMBA students should speak with a PMBA office staff member for more information. Students are advised to bookmark and periodically check the PMBA web page that can be found at:
Note: All PMBA courses (including mini-courses) adhere to the university’s drop/add schedule, regardless of when they are held during the semester (i.e. mid-semester, spring break.)