A student is automatically placed on pro­bation following any semester in which he or she develops one or more of the follow­ing indications of unsatisfactory progress:
a) Students needing fewer than specified number in their last semester need only complete the credits necessary for graduation.
b) International students must register for 12 hours of coursework in each semester in order to maintain satisfactory visa status.
A student placed on probation shall receive written notice of this fact. Such notice shall inform the student that ter­mination may occur at the end of the following semester if he or she remains on probation at that time.
Termination may occur after only one semester if the academic performance is determined by the Retention Committee to be so poor that the committee feels the chances of succeeding in the program are minimal.
Students who have been terminated from the graduate programs by the Reten­tion Committee will receive written notice of termination. In most cases, a student is given a period of 10 days to respond to the termination if he or she feels that there are extenuating circumstances of which the committee is unaware.
Students on probation may be permitted to take graduate‑level courses in excess of the number required in their programs provided that the Retention Committee certifies that