The minimum overall grade point average necessary for completion of the MBA or MS degrees is a 3.00 (“B”) in all coursework counted toward the particular degree.
Grade   Quality Points
A          4.0
A-         3.67
B+        3.33
B          3.0
B-         2.67
C+        2.33
C          2.0
D          1.0
F          0.0        Failing Grade
I           Incomplete
J          Reporting Error
L          Continuing course
R          Resigned officially by deadline date
S/U       Satisfactory/Unsatisfactory grade is not computed in GPA.
S/F       Satisfactory/Failed is used for internships.
“F” Grade
Grades of “F” receive no credit (neither quality points nor hours earned). If a student received an “F” in a required course, he or she must retake the course. If the “F” is received in an elective, he or she can retake the course or substitute an additional course. “F” grades are computed in overall transcript GPA but will be replaced in calculating the minimum 3.0 GPA graduation requirement. Note: ONLY a course in which an F grade is received is eligible to be retaken.
“Incomplete” Grade
“Incompletes” may be given only in those instances where the student has not been able to complete all of the assigned projects and/or examinations due to illness or other unforeseeable and compelling circumstances. “Incompletes” are not available to students who are not passing or who have not satisfac­torily completed the other academic re­quirements of the course.
The current “Incomplete” grade policy allows a student two semesters plus an intervening summer to complete an “I” grade before it reverts to an “Unsatis­factory” (“U”) grade.
Courses Taken In Any Given Year During      Deadline for Change of Grade or Petition for Extension of Deadline
Summer Semester                                         Aug. 31st of the following year
Fall Semester                                                 Dec. 31st of the following year
Spring Semester                                            May 31st of the following year
Individual instructors may set their own conditions for removing “Incom­pletes” as long as the time limit is not longer than the time limit specified above. Furthermore, the instructors must clearly state their policy so that all students in their classes are fully aware of such a policy.
Once an “Incomplete” is changed to a “U” grade, the course, if offered again, may be repeated for credit. A student may not re‑register for a course in which he or she holds an “Incomplete.” Students may not be conferred the MBA degree with an “Incomplete” on the record.
“J” Grade
1. Any error or misread grade form shall result in a grade of “J”, and all grade report forms and transcripts shall note that the meaning of this grade is “reporting error;”
2. Blank or unrecorded grades shall appear as “J”; and
3. Every “J” will automatically change to “F” either at the end of the semester following its recording or at the time of graduation, whichever occurs first, unless corrected by the instructor or department in charge of the course before that deadline.
Sub-marginal Grades
Students who accumulate an excessive number of sub-marginal grades (below B) will be subject to termination from the MBA programs. The Retention Committee reviews sub-marginal records each semester.
“R” Grade (“Resignation”)
If a student resigns a course during the official period pub­lished by the Office of Records and Registration, the notation “R” will be indi­cated as an officially resigned course on all grade reports, transcripts, and other official University documents. There are no quality points attached to an “R” designation.
Repeating Courses
A student may not repeat a course for which he or she has received a passing grade. (D or better)
Requesting “S/U” Grading
Day students may elect to be graded on an “S/U” basis for one‑half of their elec­tive courses (five). However, concentration require­ments require letter grades.
PMBA students may elect to be graded on an “S/U” basis for one of their two electives. All three mini courses will be graded on an S/U basis; the project course must be taken for a grade.
Faculty members may indicate on their syllabi that “S/U” cannot be elected or that a student must earn a “B” or better to receive an “S.”
A student is required to make his or her intentions to take the “S/U” option known by the deadline date, which is interpreted by the Graduate School Office to mean by the end of the fourth week of classes.
“S” = “Satisfactory” (A, A‑, B+, B, B‑, C+ or C work) earns no quality points but earns credit towards degree requirement.
“U” = “Unsatisfactory” (D and F work) earns no quality points and earns no credit toward degree requirements.
“S” and “U” grades are not figured in computing a grade point average.
 “UW” = “Unsatisfactory with Written Evaluation.” In certain instances of academic dishonesty, a faculty member, after consultation with his or her chairman, may award a “UW” in lieu of an “F” grade.