What Teachers Have to Say

The University at Buffalo School of Management and M&T Bank regularly conduct teacher training and feedback sessions with teachers and principals from area high schools.


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Here's what teachers say about why they love MoneySKILL®:

  • "I commend the AFSA Education Foundation, the University at Buffalo School of Management and M&T Bank in coming together to create and offer such a worthwhile financial literacy program. My students not only enjoyed the computerized interaction, but they expanded their business knowledge tremendously. This program truly makes a positive difference in classroom instruction and assists in the retention of business knowledge for ALL students." (June 2009) Patrick J. Cook, Jr., Lackawanna High School, NY
  • "We started using the MoneySKILL modules in September as discussion points throughout the year not only for units in Economics but also in Career Development, English and Criminal Justice. The course has especially been a success this year as our Legal Academy team came in third place with Jeremy Frayne placing third individually at the MoneySKILL Mania Competiton held at the University at Buffalo. We proudly display our plaque on the bulletin board in our Medaille college classroom." (May 2009) Wendy Fischer, Erie 1 BOCES, West Seneca, NY
  • "I've used MoneySKILL at two schools, and I've not found anything better to augment teaching economics and personal finance. MoneySKILL allows the teacher to fit another 8 to 10 weeks of critically important material into a standards school year. I like MoneySKILL so much; I've offered to set up accounts for friends of mine who seem to be less than wonderful at managing their own finances." (2008) Kenneth McKinnon, Sacred Heart Academy, Buffalo, NY
  • It's FREE
  • It is comprehensive and realistic
  • It is appealing to students because it is web-based and personalized and because students receive immediate feedback through the self-scoring feature of the MoneySKILL.
  • Demand on teachers is relatively low because it is self-administered and self-scoring through a built-in grade book. Teachers can either incorporate MoneySKILL into their curriculum during class or as at-home assignments.
  • Principals say the most important benefit is that it gives students comprehensive, realistic financial management information.

Here's what they said about the importance of financial literacy for high school students:

Teachers and principals alike strongly believe financial literacy skills are critical to graduating high school seniors. Some comments:

  • Life skills are so important - Many very bright students don't even know how to write checks or balance a check book when they go to college
  • Students love hearing about this topic. They can relate to it now that more of them are working.
  • College-bound kids get hit with credit card offers in college. They may take lots of AP courses but many have few practical skills for how to manage money.
  • MoneySKILL can help young people understand the financial impact of the decisions they are making now and in the future.