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Required Steps

Students earning credit through the Office of Internships and Experiential Learning will adhere to the following steps in order to earn credit for an internship experience.

1. Find an internship

Obviously, your first order of business is to secure an internship offer from a credible employer. Our office provides students with internship postings across concentration areas and industries, through our online recruiting system called BizLink. However, you may also use outside resources to locate internships. You may be surprised to learn how simply talking about your internship search with others can produce results for you. Strategies to find internships include but are not limited to the following:

2. Report your internship

Once you have secured an internship offer, your next step is to inform our office. In order to properly report your internship, regardless of the method used to find it, a detailed internship description must be submitted to our office. Refer to our Register for Academic Credit page for details. Please note: once you have accepted and reported your internship to our office, you are committed to that internship and should not continue to interview for other opportunities.

3. Receive approval decision from our office

We will review your internship and determine its eligibility for credit. Proper reporting is essential during this review. Once a decision has been made, you will be notified by e-mail. When accepted for credit, the Management by Objectives Contract (MBO) will be sent to your internship supervisor. This three-page document outlines the expectations of your internship supervisor as well as the behavior expected from you while on the internship. Violations of the MBO are taken seriously and will be handled accordingly.

4. Submit Management by Objectives contract (MBO)

The MBO is representative of a commitment you have made to both the employer and the School of Management. Once the MBO has been signed, you may not continue to interview for other internship opportunities. When we receive the MBO, we will move forward with academic registration. Employers may send the MBO by fax or e-mail to our office, or you can meet with your employer directly and then bring the MBO to us personally. International students need to submit an offer letter in addition to the contract. Please see our International Students page for details.

5. Wait for academic registration confirmation

Your academic registration should occur shortly after we have received your signed contract. However, we ask that you remember we are serving almost one hundred interns per semester (more in summer) and confirmation make take a few days. We will contact you via e-mail to confirm your academic registration, and in this e-mail you will receive a link to our syllabus for the appropriate semester. Take time to review the syllabus. Please note: Late registrations complicate the process considerably. Requests for internship registrations after published deadlines are not guaranteed.

6. Complete assignments related to your internship

Academic credit for internships is a result of hands-on work experience combined with academic assignments. The syllabus outlines instructions and due dates for completing these assignments, which should be submitted through the BizLink system under your Main Form (your internship report). Internships are graded pass/fail, however we must submit grades within University deadlines. Late end-of-semester assignments are not permitted. Please note: some interns may find themselves working in their internships beyond the grading deadline.