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Register for Academic Credit

The Office of Internships and Experiential Learning staff completes academic registrations for approved students within university drop/add deadlines. Students do not complete their own academic registration for internships.

I found my internship through BizLink, now what?

Begin with step one below. 

I found my internship using another resource, what's my next step?

Obtain a detailed description of the internship position from the employer. Provide them with the Internship Description Guide for assistance. Use the information entered into the Internship Description Guide to help you with step 1 below.

Academic Registration Steps:

Easy step-by-step guide

  1. Log in to BizLink, click "Report My Internship" from your list of shortcuts, complete and save the Main Form.

  2. Our staff will review all internship reports for approval.

  3. Once approved, we will contact your employer and instruct them to complete the Management by Objectives Contract (MBO). You will receive an e-mail notification.

  4. Coordinate with your employer, as you and the employer are both required to read, complete and sign the MBO.

    • Tip: Do not report your internship until you have officially accepted an offer. Once the MBO is signed, you are committed to that employer's internship. You may not continue searching for other internship opportunities nor should you participate in additional interviews after the MBO has been signed. If you are navigating more than one internship opportunity and need assistance, please make an appointment with our office. 

  5. Submit the completed MBO to our office. International students must also submit an offer letter (see below). 
  6. We complete course registration for you after which you will receive an e-mail confirmation. The course will appear on your UBLearns account, but keep in mind that you will submit all internship assignments through BizLink.

Additional steps for international students:

For All Students:

If I complete a summer credit-bearing internship, do I pay summer tuition?

Am I legally required to register my internship for credit?

Is there anything else I should know?