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Earn Credit

What differentiates a credit-bearing internship from a part-time job?

Internships are designed primarily to serve as learning experiences with deliverables, supervised by a professional with expertise directly related to the internship project. All internship postings in the BizLink system have been reviewed by our program for quality and eligibility for credit.

While part-time jobs also can result in learning, oftentimes they require repetitive tasks that may include a heavy dose of administrative duties. Internships blend learning with hands-on experience and are driven by a specific end result. The best internships incorporate reflection on your progress through feedback from an assigned supervisor coupled with academic assignments. This reflection helps you to build a more robust résumé, be better equipped to answer questions during interviews and gain experience-based insights not usually found in simple part-time work.

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Required Steps
Follow these steps to work effectively through the start-to-finish process of a credit-bearing internship.
Register for Academic Credit
This page includes detailed information regarding the actual registration process for credit-bearing internships.