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Sample Description


Company X is a world leader in mobile electronics, transportation components and systems technology. Our main business sectors provide comprehensive product solutions to complex customer needs. Company X has approximately 150,000 employees and operates 100 wholly owned manufacturing sites, 20 joint ventures and 45 customer centers and sales offices in more than 25 countries.

Intern's Title

Process Improvement Intern

Main Project Responsibilities

Analyze and propose ways to improve the system of control over inventories and expenses for just-in-time delivery. Analyze relevant data, which may include annual revenues, employment or expenditures. Interview managers and employees while observing operations. Goal is to reduce costs and streamline activities.

Desired Skills and Knowledge

Learning Objectives


Intern will work 15 hours per week. Main project will be broken down into mini-projects with hard deadlines throughout the semester. Potential for continuation of internship into an additional semester based upon team work and overall performance. This position is paid at $17.50 per hour with mileage reimbursement, free parking and occasional lunch stipends.