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Common Mistakes

Be proactive. If you complete your tasks early, ask your supervisor for the next assignment. 

Do not fill free time with the following:

  • Browsing social media sites unrelated to the internship
  • Texting or sending emails to friends
  • Shopping online
  • Falling asleep at your computer
  • Doing homework

Be responsible. Take your internship seriously and foster a positive work environment. 

Do not engage in the following behaviors:

  • Shirking or complaining about basic tasks
  • Debating politics or religion
  • Engaging in office gossip
  • Using slang or inappropriate language
  • Sharing confidential information
  • Consuming alcohol with co-workers
  • Taking advantage of company perks

Employer Stories

Be respectful. Employers are watching you during your internship, regardless of the circumstance.

Employer complaints include observing their interns doing the following:

  • Getting drunk and acting or speaking inappropriately at corporate events
  • Dressing inappropriately (short skirts, see-through blouses, hats, stiletto heels, sparkles, flip-flops)
  • Offending coworkers, vendors or customers through negative, sarcastic or pushy communication style
  • Trying to negotiate pay or compensation after the internship has begun
  • Not showing up or altering work schedule and then sending an excuse through email to your supervisor
  • Playing video games, poker or other online games during the workday
  • Taking company supplies or merchandise for personal use

External Opinions

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