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Functional Areas

Corporate Finance

  • Prepare a competitive analysis of an industry
  • Prepare and review a corporate budget and business plan
  • Gather, analyze and summarize pertinent treasury information in report form
  • Prepare for rating agency reviews
  • Forecast company revenue, coordinate and compile data for quarterly or annual budgets
  • Provide a post analysis of past revenue performance
  • Project future cash flow needs and analyze the resulting financing requirements
  • Develop and maintain the computer system relating to capital assets analysis
  • Analyze vendor bids, assist in procurement process
  • Develop and implement business model to evaluate alternative plant locations
  • Contribute to the development of financial policies for financial policy manual

Portfolio Management

  • Analyze companies and industries to determine suitability for investments, determine prospects for future growth, prepare reports
  • Conduct general industry research
  • Analyze requests for modification of existing direct placement loan agreements
  • Analyze bids received for the purchase of public bonds and determine impact
  • Analyze financial statements received on portfolio credits
  • Determine the specific breakdown of pension fund investments among asset types
  • Learn new investment products
  • Research a variety of stock options and present recommendations
  • Stock analysis: fundamental and analytical
  • Fixed income analysis
  • Analysis of government bonds, municipal bonds, corporate bonds
  • Equity research and portfolio construction
  • Fixed income analysis and development of fixed income strategies

Working Capital Management

  • Prepare cash collection forecasts, monitor and report daily cash receipts
  • Research changes in laws and regulations which affect financing, credit and collection policies and procedures
  • Prepare reports on receivables and analyze customers' accounts and reserve requirements
  • Prepare summary reports of the changing cash position, money market conditions and current financial events
  • Update listings of securities bought and sold during a given period
  • Build cash-flow-predictor model based on previous three years, analyze existing financing package and recommend improvements/alternatives

Banking and Financial Institutions

  • Identify opportunities for all bank services including credit, cash management, pension management, foreign exchange and interest rate exposure management, tax questions, and merger and acquisition activities.
  • Provide follow-up on overdrawn deposit accounts, loan documents, rate information, credit analysis
  • Analyze credit worthiness of current and potential clients
  • Monitor results of new business programs at branch units
  • Develop and coordinate product knowledge seminars for staff
  • Analyze credit exposure of the bank in the real estate and construction industries
  • Research and analyze pension funds
  • Compile a historical database related to deposits and rates with the ultimate goal of use in regression and correlation analysis
  • Assist in mortgage production procedures (processing, underwriting and closing)
  • Review and update promissory notes
  • Develop regression analysis to determine effect of pricing i.e. rate changes on over-the-counter deposit flows
  • Analyze new business generated for a trust area
  • Gather and analyze complete information (products, pricing, distribution) on competing investment advisors and banks
  • Create a profitability analysis/loan pricing model
  • Loan portfolio analysis: assist with internal data collection (commercial real estate loans) and assist with financial model building
  • Develop an interest rate forecasting model
  • Maintain records of cash balances and receipts, endorse and deposit checks and disburse funds