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School of Management Visual Identity

Like the University at Buffalo as a whole, the School of Management offers a wide array of publications using print, Web, and other visual media. As such, it is important to maintain a strong, consistent visual presence for the university and the school to create an integrated look and feel to our publications.

This guide to visual identity provides a way to create a strong, unified set of visual standards for representing the many departments, programs and offices in the School of Management all under the UB umbrella. By prescribing standards for all uses of school colors, fonts and logos influencing everything from signs to high-tech digital media, the guide creates a visual identity that unites the school and university communities. This visual identity gives our institution a familiar and welcoming public presence, immediately recognizable to the many people we serve, while enabling the School of Management and its departments, centers, programs and offices to communicate their unique identities within the overall University at Buffalo brand. If you have any questions, contact the School of Management's Communications Office at mgt-pr@buffalo.edu.

Note: These guidelines are intended to complement, not supersede, the University at Buffalo visual identity guidelines. Please consult the visual identity section of UB's Communications Tool Box for details.

Logos and Graphics
Correct usage of the School of Management logo and images available for download.
School of Management Color Palette
By using the School of Management's color palette, you will help to reinforce a strong, immediate association with the School of Management and the University at Buffalo.
Stationery and Business Cards
Visit this link for University at Buffalo guidelines on all stationery and business cards