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2010 AACSB Maintenance of Accreditation Report

The Report [PDF] [updated 2/8/2011]:  AACSB maintenance of accreditation focuses on Mission, Strategy and Measures.  Prior to the 2005 review the faculty approved a mission, a strategic direction and a measurement framework that is the foundation for this maintenance report. The maintenance review asks us to describe how we have executed this strategy in the last five years.  In addition we are asked to provide evidence of Faculty Qualifications, and development activities supporting those qualifications.  These development activities include, but are not limited to, intellectual contributions (publications).  Finally, we are asked to demonstrate how our programs are meeting the Learning Goals established for those programs. The overall structure of the report follows a template and organizing framework provided by AACSB.


Much of the supporting documentation for the report is provided in the appendices.  These are provide below, organized by each section of the report.

Section II

Appendix II-A.1 Strategy Map [PDF]

Appendix II-A.2 Measures and Targets [PDF]

Appendix II-A.3 Aspirant Peer List [PDF]

Appendix II-B.1 Sources of Resources [PDF]

Appendix II-C Learning Goals Amrita [PDF]

Appendix II-C Learning Goals Amrita.2 [PDF]

Appendix II-C Learning Goals Amrita.3 [PDF]

Appendix II-D.1 Table 2-1 [PDF]  [updated 2/8/2011]

Appendix II-D.2 Journals list Table 2-2 [PDF]

Appendix II-D.3 Research Support [PDF]

Section III

Appendix III-B.1 Bylaws [PDF]

Appendix III-B.2 Annual Faculty Report [PDF]

Appendix III-C.1 Faculty AQPQ Instructions [PDF]

Appendix III-C.2  Table 9-1 Faculty Sufficiency [PDF]  [updated 2/8/2011]

Appendix III-C.3 Table 10-1 Faculty Qualifications Summary [PDF]  [updated 2/8/2011]

Appendix III-C.4 Table 10-2 Faculty Deployment [PDF]  [updated 2/8/2011]

Section IV

Appendix IV-A.1 UG Program [PDF]

Appendix IV-B.1 Example Learning Goals Mapping [PDF]

Appendix IV-B.2 Learning Goals Schedule [PDF]

Appendix IV-B.3 Closing the Loop [PDF]

Appendix IV-B.3 Closing the Loop.2 [PDF]