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Research Interests

Accounting and Law

  • Jing Chen's research centers around firms' voluntary disclosure practices and the influence of financial analysts and institutional investors.
  • Michael Dambra's research expertise includes economic consequences of regulatory changes, pension accounting and accounting disclosures.
  • Feng Gu’s current research interests include measurement and valuation of intellectual capital (intangible assets), corporate management and reporting of investments in intangibles, and firms’ voluntary disclosure of financial and non-financial information
  • Susan Hamlen’s current research interests are in agency concepts in performance measurement and compensation, information content of governmental financial statements, consolidation policy and reporting, and reporting for financial derivatives 
  • Myungsun Kim’s research interests are in roles and consequences of accounting decisions in the capital market including market efficiency and valuation effects of accounting information
  • William Kross’ research involves examining the usefulness of accounting numbers in setting stock prices, including the impact that accounting disclosures have on stock prices. Other research includes assessing the characteristics of the financial forecasts of managers and analysts, and the usefulness of these forecasts to investors
  • Claudia Qi's research interests include the use and role of accounting information in debt contracting and bond markets, earnings quality, accounting conservatism, and economic consequences of risk disclosure.
  • Dominik Roesch conducts research in market microstructure and market quality (arbitrage, liquidity and efficiency), and financial institutions.
  • Inho Suk’s research interests are in voluntary disclosure, earnings management around earnings thresholds, insider trades, accounting information and market microstructure, and corporate governance and corporate legal risk management.
  • Gabby Wang's research interests are in the areas of insider trading and financial reporting. She also examines the capital market effects of financial disclosure quality, such as annual report complexity and the reporting practices of financially distressed firms, particularly on the effect of earnings management on the outcome of bankruptcy.
  • Weihong Xu’s research interests are in the areas of financial accounting/reporting, disclosure and corporate governance

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  • Kee Chung's interests are in the areas of market microstructure, corporate governance, and financial markets.
  • Isaac Ehrlich's research interests include general applications of economic theory to economic growth and development, human capital theory, health economics, crime and justice, advertising and information, uncertainty and insurance, and social security.
  • Veljko Fotak's research focuses on both the role of governments in financial markets from a corporate finance perspective and on the broader topic of state capitalism.  Recent research examines the impact of sovereign wealth fund ownership on the performance of publicly traded firms and the impact of implicit government guarantees on the cost of corporate debt.
  • Sahn-Wook Huh’s research interests are in the areas of asset pricing, market microstructure (of equity, bond, and options markets), empirical corporate finance, foreign exchange economics, and behavioral finance.
  • Feng (Jack) Jiang's research interests include corporate finance, executive compensation, mergers and acquisitions, network economics, and mutual funds.
  • Kenneth Kim's primary research interests are in corporate finance, corporate governance, behavioral finance, and stock market structure.
  • Jerchern Lin studies asset pricing, tail risks, and investment funds.  His recent work analyzes the effects of incentive contracts on fund managers' tail risk-taking behavior, and examines the impact of the co-movement of volatilites and tails on investor behavior, portfolio risk, and investment performance evaluation.
  • Joseph Ogden’s research interests are in the areas of corporate financial policies and strategies, valuation of financial assets, behavior of security returns, risk management with derivatives and international financial management.
  • Philip Perry's interests are in the areas of corporate financial management, financial markets and financial institutions.
  • Cristian Tiu's research is focused on investments, with an emphasis on the performance and risks associated with hedge funds. Professor Tiu is also interested in theoretical and empirical asset allocation and in risk management.
  • Brian Wolfe's research focuses on corporate finance, banking and lending, and market microstructure.
  • Philip Wool's current research focuses on the behavior of professional investors, including mutual fund and hedge fund managers, and the effects that trading by these institutions has on asset prices.
  • Chunchi Wu’s primary research interests are in asset pricing, market microstructure, credit risk, and financial.

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Management Science and Systems

  • Sanjukta Das Smith's research interests are in the areas of grid computing, capacity provision networks, market mechanism design, economics of digital information goods, piracy of information goods and decision support systems.
  • Haimonti Dutta's research interests include large-scale analytics and big data analytics, machine learning and distributed computing.
  • Rajiv Kishore’s research interest is in understanding how organizations can improve their IT services delivery capabilities. In this area he is particularly interested in studying IT outsourcing and globally distributed work, systems analysis and design and technology and innovation
  • Ram Ramesh’s interests are in the areas of conceptual modeling, capacity provision networks and supply chains and decision analysis
  • Raghavendra Rao's interests are in the areas of management information systems, decision support systems, and expert systems and information assurance
  • Lawrence Sanders’ research interests are in the economic and ethical issues of digital piracy, internet-based systems success measurement, cross-cultural IS issues, data warehousing, data modeling, decision making processes, systems analysis and design and knowledge representation, and the application of structural equation modeling in MIS research
  • Raj Sharman’s research interests lie in the areas of information assurance (specifically biologically inspired information assurance models), extreme events mitigation (specifically disaster mitigation from a first responder perspective) and internet technologies (specifically - internet performance and multimedia systems)

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  • Ram Bezawada’s research interests are primarily in the areas of pharmaceutical marketing/health care marketing (physician prescription behavior, medical technology adoption), retailing (private labels, cross category effects, category management) and application of spatial/bayesian models to marketing problems.
  • Alan Dick's research interests center on the application of consumer behavior phenomenon to marketing strategy. He conducts research on consumer inference making, customer loyalty, and the marketing of private label brands.
  • Sri Devi Duvvuri’s research interests are in building quantitative models to investigate consumer purchase behavior across categories.
  • Charles Lindsey's research interest is in the area of consumer behavior. Specifically, Dr. Lindsey's research focuses on how brand information and messages are processed and remembered.
  • Debabrata Talukdar’s primary research interests lie with quantitative modeling and empirical analyses of issues related to economic development, and marketing of both "private" and "public" goods to consumers. The substantive areas of his research include consumer and firm behavioral dynamics under information uncertainty, impact of the Internet on such dynamics, new product diffusion process, social marketing, and interface of business and public policies affecting socio-economic development.
  • Minakshi Trivedi's interests are in the areas of quantitative stochastic choice models, the impact of promotions, retail and pricing models, and distribution channels.

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Operations Management and Strategy

  • Jurriaan DeJong has extensive research interest in the area of buyer-supplier relationships and remanufacturing in the healthcare supply chain. In particular, his research has focused on the role of inter-organizational power and dependence in the Group Purchasing Organization (GPO) driven healthcare supply chain.  He investigates the buyer-supplier and buyer-middleman (GPO) relationships and their effect on healthcare supply chain member performance.  Dr. DeJong further studies the various decisions made by the healthcare supply chain members, including an OEM's pricing decision for new and refurbished product offerings and service contracts, a GPO's choice for OEMs for a product group and an HCO's decision with respect to GPO service usage and procurement of new and refurbished equipment.
  • Supradeep Dutta's research is at the intersection of technology, strategy and entrepreneurship, exploring a central conundrum for the technology entrepreneur, attracting stakeholders when there is information asymmetry about the quality of a venture.  In three separate streams of his research, Supradeep investigates the value added benefits of private equity investors (venture capital/angels) that spur innovation and growth of new technology ventures, the behavioral aspects of investment decisions in markets loomed with uncertainty and information asymmetry, and how organizations cope with exogenous shifts in the environment.
  • Akie Iriyama's research interests include strategic dynamics in corporate acquisitions, alliances, globalization and venture capital investments. 
  • Yong Li's primary research interests focus on strategic investments under uncertainty and venture capital.
  • Winston Lin's research interests are in the areas of information systems, multinational finance, and forecasting.
  • Jun Ru's current research focuses mainly on investigating the impacts of operations and marketing decisions on supply chain performance. He is also interested in examining the role of financial decisions on supply chain management.
  • Natalie Simpson's interests include supply chain logistics, emergency services and the digital distribution of conventional instruction.
  • Nallan Suresh's work is primarily in the field of manufacturing and operations management.
  • John Thomas’ interests include international management, entrepreneurship, and the commercialization of technology.
  • Ramin Vandaie's research is focused on strategy and innovation, and examines the economics of science in the private sector by looking at the interplay between basic science, applied inventions, and firm-level innovation strategies.  Other research includes exploring the process of developing and deploying firm capabilities in collaborative settings (e.g. within inter-firm alliances).
  • Aditya Vedantam works in the area of Operations Management. He conducts research in supply chains, sustainability, recycling and clean energy.
  • Charles Wang’s major research interest is the design of contracts and other coordination mechanisms to improve supply chain performance.
  • Mike Mingcheng Wei's research interests include supply chain management, revenue management and dynamic pricing, consumer-oriented operations model, social networks and social learning, and congestion pricing and transportation networks.

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Organization and Human Resources

  • Prasad Balkundi's research interests are in social networks and team processes.
  • Brian Becker's research interests focus on the effects of human resources and labor relations policies on firm performance.
  • Emily Grijalva's research interests include leadership, narcissism, counterproductive work behavior, and gender.
  • Frank Krzystofiak's research interests are in human resource management, with specialties in staffing, selection, employment discrimination and affirmative action.
  • KiYoung Lee's research is focused on affect and emotions, interpersonal aggression, and unethical behavior.
  • Jim Lemoine’s research interests include gender and leadership, leadership and motivation, servant leadership, creativity and innovation, and managing under volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity.
  • Tim Maynes' research focuses primarily on the impact of proactivity on organizational and employee effectiveness as well as factors leading to employee driven innovation and change. 
  • Paul Tesluk's research focuses on strategies to enhance team effectiveness and innovation, the assessment and development of management and leadership talent, and organizational culture and climate in organizations transitioning to high-involvement workplace systems.
  • Darren Treadway's research investigates the social dynamics of human resource processes. Specifically, his work evaluates the impact of political skill, social influence processes, and diversity on performance, turnover and stress in organizations.

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