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Annual Report Highlights

This is the 2011 annual report for research in the School of Management. The intellectual output by our faculty is described in more detail in other sections of the report. Even a quick examination of some of the highlights of the year below indicates that our faculty continues to be deeply involved in creating new knowledge and innovative ideas about management. 

Fifty-three articles were published by School of Management faculty in professional and scientific journals during the year.

The School of Management faculty served on the editorial review boards of more than 35 professional and scientific journals during the year.

The following articles are published in the top journals:

Accounting and Law

Gu, F., & B. Lev. (2011) Overpriced shares, ill-advised acquisitions, and goodwill impairment. The Accounting Review, 88, 1995–2022.

Kross, W., & Suk, I. (2011) Does regulation FD Work? Evidence from analysts' reliance on public disclosure. Journal of Accounting and Economics, 53, 225-248.

Kross, W., Ro, B., & Suk, I. (2011). Consisency in meeting or beating market earnings expectations and management earnings forecasts. Journal of Accounting and Economics, 51, 37-57.

Hsu, C., & Kross, W. (2011). The market pricing of special items that are included in versus excluded from street earnings, Contemporary Accounting Research, 28, 990-1017. 

Finance and Managerial Economics

Titman, S., & Tiu, C. I. (2011). Do the best hedge funds hedge? Review of Financial Studies, 24, 123-168.

Chung, K. H., & Zhang, H. (2011) Corporate governance and institutional ownership. Journal of Financial and Quantitative Analysis, 46, 247-273.

Lin, H., Wang, J., & Wu, C. (2011). Liquidity risk and expected corporate bond returns. Journal of Financial Economics, 99, 628-650.

Management Science and Systems

Das, S., Du, A.Y., Gopal, R., & Ramesh, R. (2011). Risk management and optimal pricing in online storage grids. Information Systems Research, 22, 756-773.

Chai, S., Das, S., & Rao, H. R. (2011). Factors affecting blogger’s knowledge sharing: An investigation across gender. Journal of Management Information Systems, 28, 309-342.

Bapna, R., Das, S., Day, R., Garfinkel, R., & Stallaert, J. (2011). A clock-and-offer auction market for grid resource when bidders face stochastic computational needs,” INFORMS Journal on Computing, 23, 630-647.


Lakshmanan, A., & Krishnan, H. S. (2011). The "Aha" experience: insight and discontinuous learning in product usage. Journal of Marketing, 75, 105-123. 

Operation Management and Strategy

Tong, T. & Li, Y. (2011). Real options and investment mode decision: evidence from corporate venture capital and acquisition. Organization Science, 22, 659-674.

Li, Y., & Mahoney, J. (2011). When are venture capital projects initiated? Journal of Business Venturing, 26, 239-254

Organization and Human Resources

Balkundi, P., Kilduff, M., & Harrison, D. (2011). Networking to charisma or inspiring to centrality? Comparing models of how leaders affect team performance. Journal of Applied Psychology, 96, 1209-1222.

Owens, B., & Hekman, D. (in-press). Modeling how to grow: An inductive examination of humble leader behaviors, contingencies, and outcomes. Academy of Management Journal.

Gibson, C., Stanko, T.L., Gibbs, J, & Tesluk, P.E. (2011). Including the "I" in virtuality and modern job design: Extending the job characteristics model to include the moderating effect of individual experiences of electronic dependence and co-presence. Organization Science, 22, 1481-1499.

Dragoni, L., Oh, I. S., VanKatwyk, P., & Tesluk, P. E. (2011). Developing executive leaders: The relative contribution of cognitive ability, personality and the accumulation of work experience in predicting strategic thinking competency. Personnel Psychology, 64, 829-864.