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School of Management faculty are deeply involved in creating new knowledge and innovative ideas about management. In addition to the highlights below, you can visit the navigation items on the left to view a more comprehensive report on the intellectual output of our faculty. 

More than 40 articles were published by School of Management faculty in professional and scientific journals during the year.
Largely through the efforts of Professor Raghav Rao and Winston Lin, the total amount of new external grants received by the school is approximately $250,000.
School of Management faculty served on the editorial review boards of more than 35 professional and scientific journals during the year.
The following articles below in the most prestigious journals in the world and are listed in the UT/Dallas journal list:

Finance and Managerial Economics

Chordia, T., Huh, S., & Subrahmanyam, A. (2009). Theory-Based Illiquidity and Asset Pricing. Review of Financial Studies, 22, 3629-3668.

Management Science and Systems

Kim, D. J., Ferrin, D., & Rao, H. R. (2009). Trust and satisfaction, two stepping stones for successful e-commerce relationships: A longitudinal exploration. Information System Research, 20, 237-257.


Bezawada, R., Balachander, S., Kannan, P. K., & Shankar, V. (2009). Cross-category effects of aisle and display placements: A spatial modeling approach and insights. Journal of Marketing, 73, 99-117.
Gauri, D. K., Pauler, G., & Trivedi, M. (2009). Benchmarking performance in retail chains: An integrated approach. Marketing Science, 28, 502-515.

Operation Management and Strategy

Madhavan, R., & Iriyama, A. (2009). Understanding global flows of venture capital: Human network as the "carrier wave" of globalization. Journal of International Business Studies, 40, 1421-1259.

Braunscheidel, M., Suresh, N. (2009). The organizational antecedents of a firms supply chain agility for risk mitigation and response. Journal of Operations Management, 27, 119-140.