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Information Assurance

Through this initiative, faculty and students conduct research to help create safe and secure digital environments for businesses in the 21st century. This research involves developing methods for the improvement of the confidentiality, availability and integrity of digital information used in a variety of industries.

The School of Management’s Information Assurance group, within the Department of Management Science and Systems, has teamed with a multidisciplinary cross-section of UB faculty to carry out this mission. More than 10 faculty members from the disciplines of law, computer science and math have joined the management school’s Information Assurance faculty to produce over 50 related publications. Additionally, three labs have been established for hands-on experience in information assurance, networking and forensics.

This initiative emerged from UB’s designation as a Center of Excellence in Information Systems Assurance Research and Education (CEISARE), initially certified by the National Security Agency of the Department of Defense in 2002 and re-certified in 2005.

To date, UB faculty have received over $1.3 million in research funding to address societal challenges posed by digitally induced threats and vulnerabilities. Some of the affiliates and sponsors participating in this funding are Cisco, FBI, Department of Defense, EDS, NSF and M&T Bank.