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C. Carl Pegels

Professor Emeritus
Management Science and Systems Department


PhD, Purdue University
MS, Purdue University
BS, Detroit Institute of Technology

Dr. Pegels specialized in the areas of production and operations management, management information systems, strategic management, and health systems management. He has authored or co-authored 17 books and more than 90 articles in academic research journals. Dr. Pegels is a frequent contributor to national and international conferences, and he has consulted for private and public organizations.

Published Books

  1. Pegels, C. Carl, Basic Programming for Managerial Applications, Holden-Day, San Francisco, California, Spring, 1973, 200 pages.
  2. Pegels, C. Carl, Systems Analysis for Production Operations, Gordon and Breach, New York, 1975, 488 pages.
  3. Pegels, C. Carl, and Robert Verkler, BASIC - A Computer Programming Language for Business, Holden-Day, San Francisco, California, 1976, 225 pages., Third Edition, 1979. Translated into Japanese. Japanese edition published by McGraw-Hill, Kogakusha Ltd., 1980, 235 pages.
  4. Mahajan, Vijay and C. Carl Pegels, Systems Analysis in Health Care, Praeger Publishers, New York, 1979, 480 pages. 
  5. Pegels, C. Carl, Health Care and the Elderly, Aspen Publishers, 1981, 225 pages. Translated into Japanese and published in Japan by Japan UNI Agency, Inc., 1985 and 1992.
  6. Pegels, C. Carl, Japan vs. The West - Implications for Management, Kluwer-Boston, 1984, 225 pages.
  7. Goldberg, A. M. and C. Carl Pegels, Quality Circles in Health Care Facilities, Aspen Publishers, 1985, 200 pages.
  8. Lotfi, Vahid and C. Carl Pegels, Decision Support for Production and Operations Management, R. D. Irwin, 1986, 200 pages. Revised Edition, 1991, 300 pages. Translated into Mandarin and published in China.
  9. Pegels, C. Carl, Management and Industry in China, Praeger Publishers, 1987, 300 pages.
  10. Pegels, C. Carl Pegels and Kenneth Rogers, Strategic Management in Hospitals and Health Care Facilities, Aspen Publishers, 1988, 300 pages.
  11. Lotfi, Vahid and C. Carl Pegels, Decision Support Systems for MS/OR, R. D. Irwin, 1989, 410 pages; Revised Edition, 1991, 359 pages; Third Edition, 1996, 480 pages.
  12. Pegels, C. Carl, Health Care and the Older Citizen - Economic Demographic and Financial Aspects, Aspen Publishers, 1988, 320 pages.
  13. Cerveny, Robert P., C. Carl Pegels and G. Lawrence Sanders, Strategic Information Systems for Strategic, Manufacturing, Operations, Marketing, Sales, Financial and Human Resources Management, JAI Press, 1994, 317 pages.
  14. Pegels, C. Carl, Total Quality Management, Boyd and Fraser, 1995, 283 pages.
  15. Pegels, C. Carl, Handbook of Strategies and Tools for the Learning Company, Productivity Press, 1998, 470 pages.
  16. Pegels, C. Carl, Proven Solutions for Improving Health and Lowering Health Care Costs, Information Age Publishing, 2003, 246 pages.
  17. Pegels, C. Carl, Proven Solutions for Improving Supply Chain Performance, Information Age Publishing, 2005, 281 pages.

Professional Associations

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International Activities

Dr. Pegels has taught MBA and continuing education courses in: Dalian, China (1980-1991); Brussels, Belgium (1987-1990); Budapest, Hungary (1992-1993); Riga, Latvia (1993-1994); Queretaro, Mexico (1994); Beijing, China (1995-2005); The Netherlands (2002); and Singapore (2000-2004).

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C. Carl Pegels
Professor Emeritus
Management Science and Systems
School of Management
University at Buffalo
332 Jacobs Management Center
Buffalo, NY 14260-4000