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William A. Hamlen Jr.

Associate Professor Emeritus
Finance and Managerial Economics Department


PhD, Purdue University
MS, Purdue University
MA, University of Hawaii
BS, East Stroudsburg University


Dr. Hamlen's work focuses on applied topics in economics and the economics of finance. His current research involves both the theory and empirical data for remunerations in various industries, e.g., professional sports and the industry for popular music as well as in the macro-economy with international trade and the financial components of the economy. 

Selected Publications 

Hamlen, Kevin, and Hamlen, William, "An Economic Perspective of Message-Dropping Attacks in Peer-to-Peer Networks," Security Informatics (forthcoming).

Ehrlich, I., Hamlen, W. and Yin, Y., "Asset Management, Human Capital, and the Market for Risky Assets," Journal of Human Capital (2008)

Hamlen, William, "Deviations from Equity and Parity in the National Football League," Journal of Sports Economics (2007).

Hamlen, Kevin, and Hamlen, W., "A Closed System of Production Possibility and Social Welfare," Computers in Higher Education Economics Review (2006).

Hamlen, William, "Gleanings into the Second Best Debate," in Business Modelling: Multidisciplinary Approaches--Economics, Operational, and Information Systems Perspectives (In Honor of Andrew B. Whinston), C. Holsapple, V. Jacob and H. Rao, A. Chaudhury and M. Agrawal, ed. (Boston: Kluwer, 2002).

Hamlen, William, "The Economics of Animal Farm," Southern Economic Journal (April 2000).

Ehrlich, I. and Hamlen, W., "Optimal Consumption and Portfolio Decisions in a Stochastic Environment with Precommitment, " Journal of Economic Dynamics and Control (February 1995).

Hamlen, William A. "Variety and Superstardom." Economic Inquiry (July 1994).

Hamlen, William, A. "Superstardom in Popular Music: Empirical Evidence." Review of Economics and Statistics (November 1991).

Hamlen, William A. and Southwick, L., "Quality in the MBA Program: Inputs, Outputs, of Value Added, Journal of Economics and Social Measurements Vol. 15. (1989).

Hamlen, William, "The Output Distribution Frontier: Comment and Further Considerations," The American Economic Review (March 1982).

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William A. Hamlen Jr.
Associate Professor Emeritus
Finance and Managerial Economics
School of Management
University at Buffalo
347 Jacobs Management Center
Buffalo, NY 14260-4000

Tel: 716-645-3293