Meet our Team

Molly Anderson
Executive Director, Center for Leadership and Organizational Effectiveness

Stephanie Argentine
Executive in Residence, Center for Leadership and Organizational Effectiveness

Chelsea Reinhardt
Program Coordinator, Center for Leadership and Organizational Effectiveness

Richard A. Steinberg
Executive in Residence, Leadership

Paul Tesluk.

Paul Tesluk
Dean and Professor
Research focuses on strategies to enhance team effectiveness and innovation, the assessment and development of management and leadership talent, and organizational culture and climate in organizations transitioning to high-involvement workplace systems.

CLOE Faculty and Facilitators

Prasad Balkundi
Research interests are in social networks and team processes. Facilitator of The Reciprocity Ring, ExperiencePoint and ChangePro.

Brian Becker
Research interests focus on the effects of human resources and labor relations policies on firm performance.

Katerina Bezrukova
Research focuses on teams and groups, with topics such as group composition and team chemistry, diversity training, conflict management and negotiations, performance and health.

Nick Everest
Expertise is in team building, leadership development, executive coaching, strategic planning, organizational culture and leading change.

Jim Lemoine
Research interests are broadly around leadership – what it is and how it works, servant leadership and shared leadership, ethical and moral approaches to leadership, and gender and leadership.

Tim Maynes
Research focuses primarily on the impact of proactivity on organizational and employee effectiveness as well as factors leading to employee-driven innovation and change.

Headshot of Robert Neubert.

Robert Neubert
A serial entrepreneur who transitioned from the pharmaceutical industry, Neubert provides innovative experiences and lessons that helped him launch and sell five businesses.

Mary Ann Rogers
Certified in climate and leadership training by the Hay Group with expertise in communication and organizational behavior.

Dorothy M. Siaw-Asamoah
A certified Strengths-based Coach by Gallup with expertise in team effectiveness, conflict dynamics and leadership in all sectors.

Darren Treadway
Studies workplace toxicity and its effects on leadership, job performance and stress. His research focuses on workplace bullying, abusive leaders, organizational politics, political skill, social stigma and toxic work climates

Larry Zielinski
An expert on the business and economics of health care, health care delivery and innovation.