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Debabrata (Debu) Talukdar

Marketing Department


PhD, Marketing/Applied Economics, University of Rochester
MS, Operations Research, University of Rochester
MS, International Development, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
BE, Mech. Eng., Jadavpur University, India


Before joining academia in fall of 1998, Talukdar worked as a business strategy and public policy expert in both private and public sector multinational organizations. His primary research and teaching interests lie with economic modeling and empirical analyses of business strategy as well as public policy issues related to the provision of both private and public goods to consumers. The substantive areas of his research works include retail market dynamics, consumer health behavior, consumer and firm decisions under information uncertainty, new product diffusion process, the environment and sustainable development, and urban poverty issues.

Talukdar is the recipient of many research awards including the Outstanding Graduate Thesis Award (1997) at Massachusetts Institute of Technology, the Young Investigator – Exceptional Scholar Award (2002) and the Sustained Research Achievement – Exceptional Scholar Award (2012) from the University at Buffalo.

His research works have been presented and published in various international conferences and leading journals in the areas of economic development and business management like the World Development, Land Economics, Urban Studies, Journal of Public Policy and Marketing, Journal of Business Ethics, Annals of Applied Statistics, International Journal of Production Economics, Journal of Retailing, Journal of Consumer Research, Journal of Marketing, Journal of Marketing Research, and Marketing Science. The studies continue to be widely cited in leading international journals by other scholars from a wide spectrum of academic areas like economics and public policy, management science, computer information system, law, environment and public health. They also have been cited in various international, national and local media outlets like the Associated Press, ABC News, Businessweek, Forbes, Encyclopedia Britannica, Atlantic Monthly, and The Buffalo News.

Beyond academics, Talukdar enjoys spending his spare time working on a woodland gardening project in the woods of his backyard.