Our Goals

  • Develop strong linkage between theory and practice. To achieve this, we work closely with industry who provide us support and test bed for implementation of our solutions.
  • Integrate into our educational curriculum, the results of our research and the problems of the current management practices.
  • Fund cutting-edge research by our faculty members and PhD students.
  • Identify critical research issues and provide a focus for such research.
  • Conduct workshops, conferences and lectures to exchange knowledge and information between world class researchers, business leaders, educators and students.
  • Develop an honors program to train undergraduate students in the use of information technology, statistical models and point-of-sale data to help enterprises deliver greater value to customers and shareholders.
  • Sponsor prominent researchers from peer institutions for short-term residency at Buffalo. During their stay, visitors would offer workshops and engage in joint research with faculty and PhD students.
  • Develop training programs utilizing point-of-sale data and statistical modeling for industry.