Minakshi Trivedi

Awarded the UB 2020 Interdisciplinary Research Development Grant.


  • Minakshi Trivedi (PI), Marketing, School of Management
  • Sharmistha Bagchi-Sen (Co-PI), Geography, College of Arts and Sciences
  • Maurizio Trevisan (Co-PI), Social and Preventive Medicine, School of Public Health and Health Professions
  • Jo Freudenheim (Co-PI), Social and Preventive Medicine, School of Public Health and Health Professions

Project: “The Health Buzz: A Spatio-Temporal Analysis of Food Consumption”

Details: Of increasing concern to the public are issues related to health and disease and this is reflected in the market place in several ways. Some consumers are far more careful in terms of the food they purchase--decisions are often made based on the evaluation of nutrition contents. In turn, manufacturers are responding to these concerns by selling a variety of alternative healthy products. Finally, several interest groups, such as insurance companies, pharmaceutical companies, health professionals, and consumer groups, send out messages about sustaining a good quality of life. Nevertheless, most general health indicators have shown a steady deterioration over the last 20 years. The critical issue, then, is to understand and explain consumer response to such messages. Are consumers responding? If they are, what is the impact of such health-related concerns on consumer shopping behavior? In a metropolitan area, socioeconomic and demographic characteristics of the consumers vary from one part to another based on the clustering of racial/ethnic and income groups. Do these characteristics affect the pattern of healthy food consumption across a metropolitan area? The research group will study the geographic patterns of healthy food consumption in the Buffalo metro area and analyze the relationship of such consumption with socio-demographic and economic characteristics of the neighborhoods.

Dinesh Kumar Gauri

Best Doctoral Dissertation Proposal Award from Fordham University Pricing Center, 2006.

Honorable Mention Award for the Levy and Weitz Doctoral Dissertation proposal competition sponsored by the American Marketing Association Retailing SIG and the Miller Center for Retailing Education and Research at the University of Florida, November 2005.

Cheng-Ting Chen

Cheng-Ting Chen

Distinction Award for Excellence in Research, Scholarship and Creativity in April 2007 for work done under the guidance of Minakshi Trivedi.

Jeremy Campbell

Jeremy Campbell

Undergraduate Research and Scholarship Award of Distinction in May 2006 for work done over summer 2005 under the guidance of Minakshi Trivedi and Debabrata Talukdar.