John C.G. Boot

Professor Emeritus
Management Science and Systems Department


PhD, Netherland School of Economics


Boot's interests lie in the fields of economic statistics and operations research. He is author of six books and numerous journal articles. He has served as Chair of the university's Faculty Senate, and has played a key role in developing the university's academic and administrative policies.

Selected Publications

Boot, John C. G. Quadratic Programming: Algorithm, Anomalies, Applications. North Holland Publishing Company (1964) and Rand McNally (1964); French translation Dunod (1967).

Boot, John C. G. Mathematical Reasoning in Economics and Management Science: Twelve Topics. Prentice Hall (1967), translated in Japanese and Portuguese.

Boot, John C. G. Common Globe or Global Commons. Marcel Dekker (1974).

Administrative Responsibilities

  • Past Department Chair
  • Past UUP Chapter President
  • University Wide Senator

Other Experience

  • Experienced lecturer on a wide variety of topics and interests.