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Post-MBA Studies


Lifelong learners:
those individuals who want to improve their qualifications, upgrade their skills or just energize their minds. 

For MBA or MS graduates who want to continue their professional development, the UB School of Management now offers an exclusive Post-MBA opportunity.

Post-MBA study is designed for lifelong learners who have already earned their graduate degrees but remain intellectually and academically curious. Our credit-bearing courses are available on a non-matriculated basis, so that graduates may return to the School of Management to deepen existing understanding of a topic or further diversify areas of knowledge.

Pricing is $725 per credit hour. This fee includes tuition, fees, books and materials. Many employers offer tuition reimbursement, which is a great incentive to take advantage of this unique opportunity.

These non-matriculated courses allow you to revitalize your skills, broaden your knowledge base and continue to advance your career opportunities, in ways you see fit and with courses you deem necessary.


If you have graduated from the University at Buffalo full-time MBA program or MS program within the last ten years, please contact the Graduate Programs office for more information at 716-645-3204. 

All other interested individuals, please review the eligibility requirements.

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