Supply Chain Management

Jacobs Mgt Center.

Reduce costs and improve quality while providing more customized product and service offerings with a faster response to customer needs.

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Program Objectives

  • Learn global best-practices in supply chain management.
  • Provide extensive hands-on, spreadsheet-based modeling, to teach quantitative components.
  • Organize and implement supply chain improvement efforts, to improve your customer service levels and gain market share.
  • Design better product and service offerings.
  • Improve quality.
  • Reduce costs for you and your supply chain partners.
  • Reduce lead times, inventories and waste.
  • Improve agility and responsiveness in global, dynamic markets.


  • Supply chain strategy and organizing for improvements.
  • Supply chain network optimization methods.
  • Demand forecasting techniques and how to implement them.
  • Forecasting in the supply chain era.
  • Sales and operations planning methods.
  • Material requirements planning (MRP) systems.
  • Inventory management systems in broader supply chain contexts.
  • Design of distribution systems and advances in logistics.
  • Purchasing initiatives: strategic sourcing and e-procurement.