Past Competition Winners

The University at Buffalo School of Management and Office of Business and Entrepreneur Partnerships congratulate past winners of the Henry A. Panasci Jr. Technology Entrepreneurship Competition.

2018: Aviate Audio
Contact: Shane Nolan 
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2017: NanoHydroChem LLC
Contact: Parham Rohani 

2016: Buffalo Automation Group
Contact: Thiru Vikram

2015: Pop Biotechnologies (formerly Photozyne)
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2014: EMVISS
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2013: diMien LLC
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2012: AppVue
Contact: Matthew Epstein

2011: Lectio Labs

2010: Graphene Devices Ltd.
Contact: Robert G. Anstey, Esq.

2009: Welanguage
Contact: Weibo Si

2008: NanoAxis 
Contact: Krishnan Chakravarthy

2007: CH3, Biosystems
Contact: John Aletta 

2006: Fast Mammoth
Contact: Justin Call

2005: AuctionCruncher LLC
Contact: Alan Zdon

2004: Digital Surveillance Solutions
Contact: Michael Blumenson

2004: iNetworkUSA
Contact: Johan Klarin

2003: First Tracks Inc.
Contact: Scott Carter

2002: Frontier Equine Veterinary Practice
Contact: JoAnn Johnson

2001: Student Voice
Contact: Eric Reich