Why UB?

The Professional MBA program gives you access to everything the university has to offer, including world-class professors who are experts in their fields — and at working with professionals.

As a PMBA student, you will be challenged to grow personally and professionally. In each class, you will be surrounded by a diverse group of people who share your desire to be the best of the best. Through regular collaboration, you and your peers will broaden your expertise and deepen your leadership skills in an experiential atmosphere. You will gain fresh perspectives and creative approaches to solving problems.

Throughout the program, you will apply your new knowledge to your organization, allowing you to immediately bring innovative ideas to the workplace. In addition, you will develop a lifelong network with your teammates, classmates and School of Management alumni.

"The economy and job market are as competitive as ever, and I wanted an MBA from a school with global recognition. The UB PMBA program fit perfectly."

Gregg Merlihan, PMBA '03
Executive Vice President
Harris Computer Systems